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Former co-owners of German booking and artist management agency Swinque, Martin Königsmann and Marco Völkel,have launched the innovative new multi-service entertainment agency, MGNFY.

A boutique 360-degree agency which rethinks the structure of marketing in the live arena and synergizes the four pillars of music management, booking and live events, data-driven marketing and business management together under one roof, MGNFY offers its clients a unique combination of tailor-made services; from talent and music management, career planning and strategic consulting, brand development, digital marketing, product management, music publishing, merchandising and more.

Speaking about the launch, MGNFY co-founder and co-owner Martin Königsmann commented:

“At MGNFY, our goal is to manage and synergize the interplay of music, live, marketing and business under one roof. We are partners, idea generators, co-thinkers, and trendsetters all in one, helping artists and event organizers translate their respective values into brand identities that take a stand, spark curiosity and create emotion. We are convinced that this is the only way for artists and event organizers to develop and grow.”

Königsmann’s long-time business partner and MGNFY co-founder Marco Völkel continued:

“We help artists, brands, and event organizers position themselves clearly to tell their own stories. Combining these four important pillars, we work precisely, efficiently, and remain highly flexible. With good management in the areas of music, live, data-driven marketing, and business, we turn our artists, partners, and customers into authentic brands and let them flourish.”

Operating from its headquarters in Recklinghausen, Germany, MGNFY is responsible for a diverse roster of talent including Virtual Riot, Felix Kröcher and Marten Hørger, and sell-out events including Sunset Beach Festival. Under the new agency, they also now handle the digital marketing for Strandkorb Open Air festivals in Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate.

But in what way has Swinque evolved into MGNFY?

With MGNFY, Martin and Marco are adapting and expanding upon the two traditional pillars of Swinque (management & booking) to meet the fundamental needs of the current climate – dedicating particular attention to the marketing perspective of their client projects (artists & events). 

Over the past six months, it became clear to them that marketing in the live sector needed a total re-think. Pre-sale fees continued to rise, but without a corresponding service in return, leaving the majority of live acts at a considerable disadvantage.

Introducing the concept of the “Marketing-Euro”, MGNFY is now looking to fundamentally revolutionise the fee structure in ticket sales, and level the playing field.

What is the ‘Marketing-Euro’?

For a fixed fee per ticket sold, the event organiser receives a holistic marketing budget (a.k.a the ‘Marketing-Euro’) to promote his/her event as cost-effectively and successfully as possible. The combination of classic & digital communication measures, the interaction of paid advertising with cross-platform social media strategy, and the targeted generation of traffic through PR with the right content are the crucial building blocks of MGNFY’s concept.

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