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Following the early success of their first two musical offerings, Wanderer and Mirrors, released back in April and May respectively, enigmatic German duo Distinct Minds continue their fine run of 2020 form, with the release of their next original single, Breakout.

Fascinated by the cyclical nature of artistic trends and the inherent notion of Duality – a concept which has served as a distinct point of departure for all of the act’s creations to date – Breakout sees the inscrutable two-man outfit deliver another exquisite slice of synth-driven nostalgia, energised by chugging synthesisers, retro drum machines and an unmistakeable topline, courstesy of vocalist iDo.

As the duo gear up to release part one of their eagerly anticipated release of their debut album Duality on October 9, we caught up with them to find out more…

Hi guys and welcome to We Own The Nite. Dare we ask – how has 2020 been treating you so far?

Thanks for having us. Of course, 2020 didn’t went as expected and it’s a difficult time for the whole musical industry. Still we are super happy that we launched Distinct Minds in April and so far the feedback has been exceptional! 

How did you keep busy during lockdown?

We are always working on new music for Distinct Minds and are in a constant conversation on how we want to develop the future of this project. It’s taken a few years, but the whole concept is finally coming together now with the release of Breakout and the first part of our debut album seeing the light in October. We like to see everything as positive, even if it’s not always easy during these strange times. 

So, getting down to business, what exactly is the Distinct Minds project?

Distinct Minds is the outcome of finding our musical and also personal identities through the past two years. Musically it catches the nostalgia of the 80s, but still writes the future. We want to give listeners a world to explore and to identify with on several levels of personal development. 

And how would you define your sound to those who may be unfamiliar?

We define our sound as ‘synthwave electronica’. It’s a lot of juxtaposition between nostalgia and newer styles that inspire us. We like to play with patterns and styles of the past to create something tangibly new. 

We understand you’ve both released music under different monikers over the past few years. What made you want to start this new project?

Personally, we’ve always gravitated toward synth-heavy and 80’s inspired music, but it took us a while to figure out where exactly it fit in with all our other house and techno influences. It ended up being a pretty natural process over time, and because we didn’t feel rushed we were able to fully cultivate it in tandem with the visual world of what we now call Distinct Minds. 

Who were your biggest musical inspirations growing up?

We find inspiration in a lot of different artists all over the genre spectrum. What’s important for us is that music transmits an emotion & story. Rufus Du Sol, Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, Kylie Dixon, Michael Stein are prime examples of artists who do that for us and have been big inspirations over the years.  

Congrats on the forthcoming release of your new single ‘Breakout’. Can you tell us about the record and the concept behind it?

We feel that this track has a particular mood, that combines emotional driven synth lines and energetic elements which could translate in any environment – whether in a car or at home or watching on a festival stage. We wanted to write something that puts us in a frame of mind for actively doing and breaking out of whatever we feel is holding us back in the moment – we hope it does the same for future listeners as well.

What were your favourite bits of studio kit used to make the record?

The process doing this track was a combination of digital & analog equipment. We use the soundcraft mixing console as the heart of our studio, in which we link all pieces of gear. 

For the main synth line on the track, we used the Juno 60 and for the baseline we played around with the Subsequent 37. The drums of the track are sample based from various sources we built over the last couple of years. 

And how was it working with iDo?

iDo is a mastermind when it comes to writing vocals. He’s from Australia and it was such an inspiring process working on the song with him. His vocal gives a great extension to the track and rounds up the atmosphere in a really great way! 

You have the first part of your debut album coming up in October – can you talk to us about the album and what we can expect from it?

Duality is a reflection of us on both a personal and artist level. It’s really the story of our own growth, and we hope it resonates with people and helps them through their phases of personal development. As a concept, it’s something we feel that everyone struggles with in their own way, but it’s also what brings people closer to reaching the full scope of their potential. Each song taps into a different layer of that, while still fitting into the larger frame of the whole album concept, and we hope people are able to create some great memories & stories while listening to our music while also learning about themselves. In the process. 

What’s your vision for Distinct Minds over the next few years?

We want to create a world that listeners can discover and dive into, both musically and visually. We plan on releasing a lot more music, and creating a full live show that immesrses people in our world.  

Any plans to tour as a live act?

Once Covid-19 is over we definitely want to debut our live concepts at festivals and venues. We can’t wait to perform these musical & visual elements that we’ve been building in front of a crowd and see people connecting to the music.    

Do you have any final words for our We Own The Nite readers?

Take care of yourself & we can not wait to hear your thoughts on Duality Pt. 1

Distinct Minds – Duality will be released on October 9