From Russia with Love: Various Artists – Resonance Moscow, July 5, 2019


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“Resonance” is a long-respected radio show, broadcasting from Moscow by techno luminary Nikita Zabelin. Those weekly programs, also archived on Soundcloud, are “dedicated to new electronic music from Russia and the surrounding post-Soviet nations.”

Listen: Resonance Moscow

A resulting compilation is culturally vital evidence of fresh enterprise across that huge expanse. The contributors share not only an electrician’s toolkit; they also have an audible debt to Soviet avant-garde traditions of the late Twentieth Century. The clamor of heavy industry informs all twenty tracks––the obsessive rhythms of a factory floor that are now only resonant echoes.

Resonance (Резонанс) is a Russian music label, founded by Nikita Zabelin, a recording artist for the Trip label and resident DJ at Arma17. Zabelin also presents his own radio show, dedicated to Russian electronic music. The show is broadcast on Megapolis FM, the most significant station across all post-Soviet territories. Tons of new, unpublished recordings are submitted to the show every week for broadcasting to every corner of Russia.

World, say hello to mother Russia! <3

Tune in Friday, July 5th for Resonance Moscow’s latest episode!

Recordings from Russia undoubtedly have their own unique character; it leaves a special stamp on today’s musical map.

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