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Where are you answering these, what view do you have, and what have you done already today?

I’m in México City, doing “home office”. I’m working on our next Radiance Day Party that will happen on february 2020, is going to be beautiful.

How was summer for you? What were your highlights?

Just around May I did a very nice tour in Europe, with gigs in France, Switzerland and Germany, all of them were great.

What are your early childhood memories? What was it like where you lived?

I had a very nice childhood, I used to live in a cosy house in a nice area in Mexico City that I used to walk around with my mother. My father was always listening to classical music and I had a lot of fun at school.

Where did you get into music, and how did you? Was it easy to do so? Did you have easy access to record shops, parties, good DJs?

I got into rock since I was quite young. I got my first electric guitar when I was 11, I started playing in bands a couple of years later.

I also started attending to rock & metal concerts when I was young, was amazing. But it was until I turned 17 that I went to my first rave. I got lucky that I still got to see those raves in Mexico City on 93-94, the vibe was incredible. 

There were really good DJs in the scene back then, and I listened Sasha, Digweed, Green Velvet, Paul Van Dyk, etc. I started DJing in 97 and it was hard to get vinyls back then, but I started doing my collection and by 98 were my first gigs.

What is the scene in Mexico like? What sounds are popular? Are there lots of young talents?

Unfortunately EDM and commercial music is big here, that has not been positive for the scene. So many untalented DJs around just doing a weird show for big crowds.

On the other hand, the underground scene has very good labels, there are many artists doing good music and there are good parties mostly all around the country.

There are young talents that I hope can make to the next level.

What is the outlook of Sounds of Earth? What’s the musical vision?

We are quite open regarding styles. From Deep House to Techno, from Deep Tech to Progressive House, but we always focus on a dance-floor oriented vibe.

My compilations always gather this big range of styles, but somehow everything fits in the end. Quality and feeling are the most important requirements. 

What inspired the latest EP? Where was it written, and with what in mind?

Since I started writting “Electric Dance” I wanted to do a banging track. I knew I had one since the first time I play it, now the people are asking for it in my gigs. 

I met with my friend José Mena, he organised the team to do the Music Video for the track. He filmed it and did a great job, it has 10,000 views on YouTube right now.

How do you deal with daily life? Are you someone who engages with news and politics, or is it too depressing? Do you ever wish you could just disconnect from it all?

To be honest I try not to engage that much, I avoid newspapers as much as possible. But I will never lose my protest side that I got when I was in the University. 

And how do you relax away from music, what do you do in downtime, with private moments?

I love watching good movies or TV series, and playing some Play Station when I have some free time. We try to escape from the City when we have a chance. Mexican beaches are amazing.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

I’ve released my music on very good labels this year and there are some more bombs coming out on Lauter Unfug, Digital Structures, Beat Boutique, etc. before the year ends.

My next “Secret Weapons” compilation will be out by Christmas. I got a couple of European Tours scheduled for 2020 and I’m working hard on our next big event Radiance Day Party. Cheers!


Vazik’s latest EP “Electric Dance” out 8th November!


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