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With hefty early career support from the likes of Solomun, Dixon, Adriatique and Trikk to name a few, Israeli duo Hard To Tell (Roy Leibovitz and Roi Zarhi) have consolidated their status as the pair you want to see behind the decks if you’re going out for a night of a lifetime in Tel Aviv. Over the past three years they’ve brought that intensity and showmanship to gigs in Ibiza, Berlin, Brazil, Slovakia, Tulum, Italy, Mykonos among others, and their global takeover is assured with a slew of upcoming releases and an album in work. Following the launch of their new label “Pills On Hills” with their musical partner Nariz, we caught up with the duo to talk about the new venture, their crazy run of shows during Purim, how they met and more…

Hello Roi and Roy, and a very warm welcome to We Own The Nite NYC. Great to have you with us for the first time! Despite everything that’s going on in the world right now, how has 2022 been for you so far?

So far 2022 was outstanding actually. We released a new EP called “Arabic Sub” incl. remix from Yotam Avni and we also released our secret edit for The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby that was supported by Solomun and many more. We have also recently received a lot of support for our unreleased music by Dixon, Adriatique, Trikk and many more. 

First things first, how did you guys meet and when did you form Hard To Tell?

Our real names are “Roi” and “Roy” and we started our project Hard To Tell five years ago. We first met  6 years ago, we hung out at similar places in TLV and then we realized we love some kind of electronic music. It was a natural connection. We understand each other’s vision and we click. We do everything together and each one of us brings its own impact and style to mutual work. We like the same artists and we are attracted to very similar music.

How would you best describe your sound, for those of our readers who may be unfamiliar?

Our music is not based on one specific genre, it is a combination of a wide variety of different cultures. 

We saw you had an amazing run of shows during Purim in March. Can you share your experiences?

We did not celebrate Purim for two years because of Covid19 so Purim 2022 were the craziest Purim ever!  We had 12 different shows and some of them were on very big stages in front of 8000 people or more. Our biggest gig was in the desert where we played with Adriatique, Innellea and Dennis Horvat and then in the after party we played another 6 hours set non stop.. 

Congratulations on the recent launch of your new label Pills On Heels. Can you tell us more about that?

Thank you! So we opened a new label Pills On Heels with our partner NARIZ and we release around 1 new EP every month. The last EP was our “Arabic Sub” with Yotam Avni. The label is growing and is going to release a lot of good music from very unique artists. Stay Tuned! 

Is there a meaning behind the name?

There is no specific meaning behind the name . 

Do you get particularly involved in the creative direction when it comes to artwork and content creation for the label?

We are very involved in the artistic and creative line of the label and any content released on the label passes through us . 

Any artists you’d like to sign that we should watch out for?

There are some very interesting artists that we follow and love their music, for now we can’t say names 🙂 

What do you have coming up over the rest of the year? Any new projects or releases you can tell us about?

For the rest of the year we have a lot of big gigs and festivals around the world and sure we got a few more releases in different labels – one of them will be in June! 2022 is going to be more than perfect! 

Do you have any plans to come to NYC any time soon?

Actually we just spoke with a lot of good friends and good promoters from NYC and we started planning our tour there for the summer so we hope to see you soon. 

Thank you both very much for taking the time to talk to us here at WOTN. We wish you all the best!

Thank you!