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We had a chat with newcomer MITÜ to find out more about him and his recent release on Sharam Jey’s ‘Elly Fly’ label which is out now – /

How are you – how has your winter been?

Hi, my winter was great thanks for asking.

Whereabouts in Australia do you live? What’s it like?

I live in Surfers Paradise, Queensland. I’m originally from Geneva Switzerland, been living here for 8 years. Moved here on my own to learn English ended up staying here. Weather here is amazing, in winter it doesn’t go below 15 degrees, we are lucky, coastline is really beautiful, lots of surfing spots and beaches.

How did you first come to dance music? How did you discover it? 

“I dived into dance music the first time I listen to Paul Kalkbrenner, especially Berlin Calling, it’s my favourite movie of all time. Love at first sight I could say and love at the first hear…lol

What labels and parties and DJs did you first get into? 

I have always been a fan of Hot Creations, LouLou Records, Bunny Tiger but 3000gran, all day I dream and Still Vor Talent to name a few. Just playing in my room, watching live stream videos and local parties. Then later clubs, bars and festivals.

What inspired the new alias?

MITÜ is actually the ‘TUMI’ of Peru, known to be an Inca god. His face is really popular in Peruvian culture. It means good luck.

Your new sound is totally different to your previous one, how long did it take you to find your new sound?

Yes indeed but I have always loved this sort of sound, even before releasing tech house music. I actually started with deep progressive and then oriented myself to something more accessible and what reflected the sets I was playing. When you play Fridays and Saturdays in clubs or bars tech/house works the best, people need energetic music to keep them going but I enjoy both as much.

You make really deep spiritual sounds – why is that? Does that reflect you as a person?

Yes, I definitely feel music made who I’m today, on a spiritual level but also as human. Nazca is a product of my journey in Peru, I went there for a month and lived with a Shaman where I experienced ayahuasca and other ceremonies, it was life changing for me. The best thing I have ever done.

Tell us about your new EP on Elly Fly – what inspired it?

My experience in Peru for sure, forget about your phone and try to learn and understand who you are as a person. It’s a really deep level of consciousness not the sort of thing that we can do in our western world.

Tell me about the titles of the tracks… 

Nazca cause of the Nazca lines that I have been to, how the landscape turns from desert to mountains and Afterglow is when night takes over and everything turns into darkness.

What gear do you use to make your music? Software or hardware?

I use Ableton and my set up is: Moog 37 CV, Arturia Keylab 49 with Roland TR8 and Maschine Studio. I get lots of my sounds from external plug ins and live instruments also. Looking into switching for analog.

What else have you got coming up?

I’ve got an upcoming release on LouLou records as VA on LouLou Player’s compilation but working on other stuff on the side.

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