Simina Grigoriu Drops ‘Interpol 2020’ EP on FORM Music


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Following the hard-hitting release of her huge Rocket Fuel EP back in December 2019, Berlin-based techno maven and FORM Music favourite Simina Grigoriu now returns to the revered French label as she closes out a prolific summer of releases in emphatic fashion with her latest two-part package, Interpol 2020 EP.

Out now, Interpol 2020 is Simina Grigoriu’s fourth full-blown EP on POPOF’s imprint, following her Matching Numbers EPin 2015, the three-part Slush Fund EP in 2017 and the aforementioned Rocket Fuel EP in 2019. 

The release also comes off the back of Simina’s mammoth Line Runner EP on Prospect Records, which has been receiving hefty international DJ support and media hype ever since its release on September 7.

Kicking off this latest EP with the thunderous title track Interpol 2020, Simina Grigoriu goes full-throttle from the word go, delivering a heady peak-time cut, packed with trembling low-end, ravey synth stabs and trippy, industrial samples throughout. 

Completing the package with the mesmerising, acid-tinged closer Contraband, Simina further demonstrates her flawless production skills and creative flair, as pounding kicks, arpeggiated synthesisers and cosmic soundscapes combine in perfect accord to wrap another extraordinary EP on FORM Music.

Simina Grigoriu – Interpol 2020 EP is out now via FORM Music.