Today on Apple Music’s Beats 1 with Zane Lowe: Tove Lo talks Major Lazer ‘Blow That Smoke,’ next album, + more


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Major Lazer’s “Blow That Smoke (feat. Tove Lo)” is Zane Lowe’s World Record Wednesday 10/17 on Beats 1 on Apple Music [ ]. 

Zane speaks with Tove Lo about teaming up with Major Lazer and experimenting with a new tempo for the track.  Tove Lo said she’s  “finally cracked the code on the sound and vibe” for her next album, which will include  a “minimal, but punchy side, with a lot more sunshine,” as well as more collaborations.  She also reveals shes been working with Wolf Cousins on her upcoming project.

Tove Lo x Zane Lowe Interview + World Record: Major Lazer ‘Blow That Smoke (feat. Tove Lo)’



Tove Lo on Collaborating with Major Lazer on “Blow That Smoke”: 

Zane Lowe:  Hearing you and Major Lazer, you and Diplo collaborating on a record, Tove, is just incredible. Let’s talk about this song, “Blow That Smoke,” today’s World Record. How did you guys connect and finally get one to the finish line?

Tove Lo:  Well, we’d had a few sessions and tried to find more days together, but we’re never in the same place long enough to actually make it work. Eventually I just sent Diplo the vocals and, “Here’s something. It’s a song I don’t really know what to do with. What do you think?” He’s like, “Oh, this is awesome. I’ll work on this.” They sped it up, maybe 10 bpm. It was a very slow, moody song to begin with. Just on the track, their vibe, and I was like, “This is really, really awesome.” I didn’t expect that version of it.

Zane Lowe:  That must be one of the really nice things, actually, when you’re in a collaborative space and you can’t be right there in the room the entire time. There’s a surprise and delight element to these things. You’re not quite sure what you’re going to get back.

Tove Lo:  Exactly. I was really lucky. I knew they were gonna do something awesome, but I was like, “Yeah, this is great.” Then I remember it took me — I re-recorded it maybe seven times because it took me a long time to be happy with my performance on it and the new tempo and everything, but me and Diplo met up in New York around Thanksgiving last year and changed some of the melodies and the pre-chorus and stuff. I did some alterations to the bridge and stuff. After that, I recorded two more times and then while they were constantly working on the productions. We were doing it from afar, but constantly in touch and sending it back and forth.

Tove Lo on Her Upcoming Album:

Zane Lowe:  Major Lazer, “Blow That Smoke” featuring Tove Lo. Today’s world record. Catching up with Tove right now in Los Angeles. We always enjoy speaking with you about life and about music, and how are both? How is everything going for you right now?

Tove Lo:  Really good. I’m working on my new album. I feel like I’ve finally, about a month or so ago, cracked the code on what I want the new sound and vibe to be, so I’m very happy at the moment.

Zane Lowe:  Can you give us any kind of clue at all, as to what’s going on in the studio regarding the album right now, like what shape it’s taking?

Tove Lo:  Well, I feel like minimal, but punchy side to it, with a lot more sunshine in there.

Zane Lowe:  Yeah, because the last couple of albums have been incredibly honest and we love that about you.  You are one of those very honest, gifted pop stars, and so I guess this is a reflection of your life right now, right?  The sun is shining in Los Angeles.

Tove Lo:  Which makes you a little bit mad, so that will be in there, as well. The madness is out.

Zane Lowe:  So I want to know, are you gonna produce this yourself and steer it yourself as per, or are you looking at lining up people to work with on it? Have you got any idea of how you want to actually record and get it done?

Tove Lo:  Well, I’m working with a lot of my Swedes, Wolf Cousins, as usual, but definitely collaborated with a few more people and other artists that I want involved. I want to have a few more collaborations on this one. I think that’d be fun.