Flume talks “Friends ft. Reo Cragun” on Apple Music’s Beats 1


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The song is his first official single, following his “Hi This Is Flume mixtape,” which was released last week.

Zane Lowe chats with Flume about his new song “Friends (feat. Reo Cragun)” on Apple Music’s Beats 1. The song is Flume’s first official single, following his Hi This Is Flume mixtape, which was released last week. The mixtape currently sits in the #1 spot on Apple Music’s Top Electronic Albums chart.

Flume on recording process behind “Friends” and the mixtape:

Zane Lowe: Is this guy …

Flume: Hello?

Zane Lowe: Buddy! I know it’s early, man, and you were hard at work in the studio, but it’s really nice to hear your voice. What’s up, man?

Flume: I’m doing well, how are you?

Zane Lowe: I’m doing great. Life is all the more better with your triumphant and explosive return. The mixtape is crazy. It’s crazy.

Flume: Oh, thank you.

Zane Lowe: I don’t even know where you were when you made this music. I dunno if you were in L.A.; I don’t know if you were doing one of your characteristic travels around the world. Where were you when you were making “Friends,” making this mixtape? What was the environment?

Flume: “Friends” was actually done in LA with Reo Cragun.

Zane Lowe: Yup.

Flume: And yeah, we just did some music and it just flowed really well. And the mixtape, that was just all around the world, man; that was just like touring and hauling into the studio on my day off … on the bus, wherever. 

Zane Lowe: Were there any particular places that, you know, you really loved creating in? Because I know studios are studios, but when you wake up in a different town, you have an afternoon or a day off, and you get to go book somewhere and make some music. I mean, that’s your best life.

Flume: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, there was one I did in Portland at some point. Really just depends about the studio. If the studio [inaudible 00:01:15], I find it much easier to create.

Zane Lowe: Makes perfect sense. Dude, this song is so good. We’re gonna come back. Hold tight; we’re gonna come back and catch up with you in a second. We appreciate you picking up. Flume is back; the song is called “Friends.” It’s been out for a minute, but of course we love what we have to play it over and over again, featuring Reo Cragun. Hold tight, Flume. It’s Beats 1 on Apple Music.

Listen: Hi This Is Flume (Mixtape)

Flume on what’s next after the release of his mixtape:

Zane Lowe: So, that’s an extension of the Mixtape, but now with Reo Cragun, of course, and the song “Friends.” Which kind of, I think, Flume, it sort of finds you in sort of the two worlds that the mixtape has delivered on, which is your melodic side searching for the structure of a song that you’ve mastered in the past but wanting to kind of break it and make it very unpredictable at the same time. At least that’s what I hear, I don’t know if that was what you were trying to achieve. 

Flume: To me the mixtape was kinda like a playground, like a fun place to just be super creative. And now “Friends” is the first single coming out. And it’s with Reo and he’s such a talented dude. 

Zane Lowe: Yeah. 

Flume: I think he’s definitely going to be one to watch. He’s just got an amazing voice and he’s just great to work with. 

Zane Lowe: So, what are we looking forward to? I know, I don’t want to rush it here but that’s kinda my gig. You know? To sort of say, great we love this what’s next? Sorta what I do. So, what’s going to happen next, bro? What are we looking for? If it’s the first single of what? Because the mixtape, like you say, that’s I just feel like that’s a vomit of creativity and it was just so exciting. Are you back into kinda more of a regular release routine now? Like what are you thinking?

Flume: I’m thinking the opposite of regular … Yeah, I want regular releases, but I just kinda wanna mix it up and not just do, you know, the same old stuff. 

Zane Lowe: Yeah. 

Flume: I want to try and put music out creatively and however I feel, however it gets made. And the one thing I want to do this year is just be present. And be constantly finishing [inaudible 00:01:22]. And that goes for next year too. I don’t want to have a big break. You know?

Zane Lowe: Yeah. 

Flume: [inaudible 00:01:26] two or three years putting nothing out. I wanna kinda try and just keep pushing stuff out to the world. That’s the plan. 

Zane Lowe: That’s good for us man. That’s good news for us. I’m not complaining. All right man, well listen thanks for taking the time. What are you doing for the rest of the day? Are you going to the studio today or are you gonna give yourself some space?

Flume: I think I might link up with Reo and maybe we’ll just have a beer or something. 

Zane Lowe: Amazing. 

Flume: Sit in the sun, it’s a nice beautiful day. 

Zane Lowe: It’s a beautiful day in LA, man. And once again you’re back, Flume. It’s good to catch up with you Harley. Thank you for your time, man. Nothing but love, as always. 

Flume:  Thank you Zane

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