NEW FAVORITE: Seth Schwarz Presents ‘Patience’ EP Featuring Die Ruhe


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Inspired by love and true connections, German producer Seth Schwarz releases his EP ‘Patience’, featuring Berlin-based singer and producer Die Ruhe and remixes from MEES SALOMÉ & RYAN OBLIQUE.

German producer Seth Schwarz has devoted much of his life to the craft of classical music. Now as a fully formed electronic producer, Seth is well-known and highly respected for his ability to merge classic composition into his electronic concepts that translate directly to the dancefloor. With a wholly melodic techno feel, his collaboration with Berlin-based singer and producer, Die Ruhe on ‘Patience’ EP, is inspired by the concept of love and true connections.

LISTEN: Seth Schwarz & Die Ruhe – Patience EP


With a similar background to that of Seth, Die Ruhe has early sympathies with Jazz music, that she now channels into her fusion of electronic music and singing. In ‘Patience’, Seth’s expertly guided violin chords pair easily with the playful and delicate voice of Die Ruhe. Creating a serene oasis and sense of space, the lead vocal line points directly to the journey from darkness into the light and the patience it takes to get there.

Alongside the seamless work of Schwarz and Die Ruhe, Dutch producer Mees Salomé and Australia’s Ryan Oblique are welcomed to the remix. Supported by BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong, Mees Salomé explores the darker and melancholic side with his interpretation, building around the strings with powerful bass. With an artistic rework, Ryan Oblique expresses a non-conformist attitude. Fusing the vocals of the original together with lower pitched strings, the cellos echo of cellos creating a pulsating feel; one of his most genre-bending productions to date.

Seth Schwarz & Die Ruhe – Patience
Seth Schwarz & Die Ruhe – Patience (Mees Salomé Remix)
Seth Schwarz & Die Ruhe – Patience (Oblique Remix)

Seth Schwarz & Die RuhePatience’ EP is OUT NOW via AWAL