Tycho talks ‘Japan,’ upcoming album, and more on Apple Music’s Beats 1


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Tycho’s new single “Japan” is Zane Lowe ’s World Record on Beats 1 on Apple Music.

Tycho FaceTimes Zane to talk about the inspiration for the track, working with Saint Sinner, and his upcoming album, Weather, releasing July 12th.

Tycho on his upcoming album “WEATHER”


on World Record ‘Japan’

Tycho: Quite literally, I was in Japan, I was in Hakone, which is a really green forest area, and I came back and I just wanted to try to capture kind of the vibe of the aesthetics that I experienced there and I spent a couple of weeks up there. So yeah, I came back and that was just kind of like the seed for the song, and I was also kind of trying to draw on kind of some of my earlier influences and more the vibe from that, the record Awake from 2014. So that’s kind of where it started. And then I met Saint Sinner, Hannah. It was an instrumental and then she just sang over and it was perfect. So I kind of reconfigured it for the vocal version. We collaborated on this whole record together. But yeah, that was one of the first songs we worked on together. It was funny because I just named the file Japan.wav with no intention of that having anything to do with the lyrics. And I sent her the demo and then she just came back with all these lyrics that told this story. So yeah, it was perfect. It was really cool how she took it. 

on his upcoming project, Weather

Tycho: Yeah, I mean, obviously I’m always trying to evolve and I think the vocals are an evolution in and of themselves. But musically I was definitely drawing on returning to my roots, returning to the processes that I use to write really early in my career, just because like I kind of wanted to recenter things. I felt like with each iteration, each album went further and further into this kind of like exploring these different worlds. And, and this album to me is much more personal and much more centered and kind of grounded in the stuff that got me into music in the first place.