Mike Posner ‘Song About You’ is Zane Lowe’s World Record on Beats 1 on Apple Music


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Yesterday, Mike Posner’s ‘Song About You’ is Zane Lowe’s World Record on Beats 1on Apple Music [apple.co/zane].

Zane Lowe x Mike Posner ‘Song About You’

Posner speaks to Zane about the track, how his new album is about loss, the death of his dad, losing his friend Avicii, and his breakup. “I’m a better human after making this song and this album than I was before.”

Link – https://apple.co/_MikePosnerWR


Zane: Mike Posner ‘Song About You’ we’re going to come back and talk about it. Most importantly we’re going to play it. I know this is a big moment for you bro. I mean you haven’t had solo music out now for a couple of years. You know you’ve been making music and collaborating but this is your first real foray back out into it. So I can’t imagine how you feel you must feel excited about letting people hear music right now.

Mike Posner: Yeah I mean it’s a I’ve been working you know the last two years on this album and a lot of things that happened in my life I’m just yeah I feel really honored to have made the record that I have I’m really proud of it and to get to share it. Man And have you share with the world is Schmitzer honor Mitzel thank you for having me on.

Zane: It’s a pleasure my guy ‘Song About You’ by Mike Posner, We’re coming back and catching up with one of the most talented collaborators and songwriters out there in popular music right now. Hold tight Beats 1 This is Apple Music. Let’s Go.

Zane: The song is streaming add it to your playlists move it share it with your friends they need it. Mike Posner his back ‘Song About You’ brand new music a forthcoming solo album that in production with Ricky Reed in collaboration with him also working with Eric Frederick in Dan Wilson some real heavy hitters involved in this song. So I want to know why is it special to you. How did you finish it. How did you make it Mike Posner?

Mike Posner: Yeah yeah. We just got in with Dan Wilson. He started noodling around on the guitar. This song is really fun because I was trying not to be smart. Usually, my songs got a lot of words. You know there’s some element of like flashy poetry to them and this one is just fun like not rhyming and saying exactly how I felt. So but honestly you know it just came out of loss. My album is about loss. You know my dad died. My friend Avicii died. Me and my girl fell apart and I just felt alot of angst a lot of anger. And I’m grateful I got a good spot to put the anger. This song is one of the places I got to put that. I think any time you can let that out in a good way it’s cathartic and I’m a better human after making this song and this album than I was before.

Zane: You know it’s taken a while for us to get music under your own name and like I said you know you’ve been working in poetry and it did the spoken word thing and then of course you know you had your collaboration with black bear which was great and why have you waited this long to kind of to dedicate your time and your focus and attention?

Mike Posner: Yes. So I mean here’s the real answer when I’m riding high in the middle of that wave of success, I’m parading around the world, everyone’s playing “I Took a Pill in Ibiza”. I had a call from my mom and she said “Look they found a tumor in dad’s head the size of a tangerine and they’re going to take it out tomorrow. I sold my house in LA and moved back to Detroit to basically help my dad die. I was making music in the basement while he was upstairs in the family room. I was dealing with that and you know I never stop writing. You know that’s like once the first part of the answer and the second part of the answer is like I try to make real albums. I Write 50 plus songs and I bring them into Ricky and we make an album, a real album where the song connect. And there’s a theme. And that takes time. We spend two three four months on just getting the order of the songs and then another month or two just on the transitions of the songs. And I’d like to finish the whole album before I give you the first song. So my albums done. I don’t like putting the song out then it becomes a hit. then you try to just do nine more songs because the marketplace wants you to do. To be honest I had an album and this is how long it took me to make it. And life was happening at the same time.