Flume & Reo Cragun talk “Levitate” on Apple Music’s Beats 1


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Flume and Reo Cragun’s new track “Levitate” is Zane’s World Record on Apple Music’s Beats 1. Flume and Reo Cragun FaceTime Zane to discuss the song and EP. They have been rehearsing to go out on tour together for most of Flume’s tour dates. Their EP, Quits, releases August 2nd.

Flume – Levitate (feat. Reo Cragun)

On Levitate

Flume: That was a long song to work on. That was the longest song we’ve ever worked on. We started that one, and then we’re like, all right, there’s something here, and it took us a long time to crack that. But yeah, we just kind of like put it on the shelf for a while and then came back to it, and we’re really happy we put the time in and made it work. I think the first day Reo really delivered on the vocals and I was like, there’s something awesome here, like the melodies and the flow. I really had to come through with like a section, like an instrumental section that really felt like it had the same level of energy. I was trying to match it, basically. And then once I got that, Rio got back in and like, the second verse came together and, yeah, I think that was the missing link.

On the Quits EP

Flume: This EP is us as a friendship, hanging out, just making tracks, having too many good songs and we’re like, “We need to get these out into the world.” So we were like, “Let’s just do an EP.” So we put them all together, and there you have it. The Quits EP.

On what Reo was doing before he got into music

Reo: I was in school full time. I had a full ride scholarship. I was going to Washington State University and I was pushing carts at Costco. That was my day to day, was hitting the books and pushing steel. I wanted to be practicing medicine, for sure. But I made a really, like you said, sharp turn, an abrupt decision. I dropped out.

On the new live show

Reo: Yeah, definitely. Yeah. We’re going to be out there. It’s going to be super sick.
Flume: We’ve been rehearsing. We just got out of rehearsals actually. But yeah, Reo’s is going to be on pretty much all the dates and-It’s going to be fun. Honestly, I was really enjoying the time off, but now I’m really excited to get back out because we’ve just been doing rehearsals, and we’ve got this whole new show thing. It’s going to be cool. So I’m excited to show people that. I guess I’m just trying to do something different. I’m trying to maybe not just be in the same place all the time, as a little dot on stage. Maybe I’ll move around. Get out the cool keytar guitar. Get out the old keytar and get them moving. Yeah, man. Maybe I’m whipping out the saxophone. I don’t know.

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LISTEN to Flume discuss “Levitate,” working with Reo Cragun, touringd, and upcoming EP “Quits”