THE WEEKEND: Boys Noize (LIVE) Sat 7/30 with Health, Polica, Venus X (Brooklyn)


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Boys Noize (LIVE) on Sat 7/30 with Health, Polica, Venus X
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The Techno punk Alex Ridha aka BOYS NOIZE revealed the video for “Birthday” ft Hudson Mohawke + Spank Rock. The video stars the director LIL INTERNET and includes cameos of Venus X, who will open up the USA LIVE show premiere in NYC on July 30th, as well as Boys Noize himself. The track is taken from his 4th solo album MAYDAY.

Boys Noize performed the first, all new LIVE show at Barcelona’s Sonar Festival. Boys Noize conceived the spectacle together with visual artists SUS BOY and LIL INTERNET, exploring a thematic narrative inspired by cyberpunk, 80’s industrial and surveillance in contemporary society. You can see a 35 minute clip HERE.

“Birthday came together quickly from a simple concept – following someone’s birthday from the end of the night to the beginning of the day, all in reverse. Boys Noize loved the idea, but we were having trouble deciding who’s birthday it should be. So when it was suggested for me to both direct and actually be in the video I was just like ‘sure whatever,’ but then of course I got super nervous. My favorite way to operate directing videos is to set up scenarios but then film the reality of what happens in these scenarios, but this was extra ridiculous. Labanna Babalon, who magically ends up being in whatever city I’m shooting in half the time, had a house party where 6 people ended up in the bathtub.  I guess that happens, but this time it was all on camera. I kinda still refuse to look at the raw footage.  Maybe when I’m old.  Also getting a cake smashed in your face isn’t cool because whipped cream gets in your ear.  Also if you get shot in the head with a confetti cannon it HURTS, it feels like getting shot with a paintball gun at point blank range.  It was a really fun day though, more fun than real birthdays, maybe I’ll just shoot a music video on every birthday from now on.” From the director LIL INTERNET

MAYDAY is a statement of Ridha’s commitment to the album as an art form – an almost rebellious stance these days. In an album, an artist can map the entire breadth of a particular phase of his work, capturing much more than a mere snapshot.

Alex Ridha made his DJ debut at the age of 15, taking a teenager´s love of house and techno to a global scale. He’s been anointed one of the “Top 10 DJ’s Who Rule The World” by Rolling Stone, elected “Best Electronic Act” by Beatport 3 years in a row, and lauded by virtually every dance authority. He´s rocked the world’s biggest stages, lit up Coachella three times, stormed Lollapalooza, and headlined festivals and clubs on every continent – from Berlin techno temple Berghain to Fuji Rock in Japan and Justin Vernon’s Eaux Claires Festival in the woods of Wisconsin. All on his own terms.


“… and the spinner will spin. and the bass will be thunder subterranean. and the river will rise as raindrops. from berlin. my favorite electronic house music in the world. immediate. throbbing.”  – Justin Vernon (Bon Iver)

“One of the most prolific and brilliant artists.” – Zane Lowe (Beats 1)

“BOYS NOIZE makes brilliant music. He doesn´t make a lot of music but when he makes it it´s always CLASS.” – Annie Mac (BBC1)

“BOYS NOIZE is the only DJ who can play underground techno for 30,000 people.” – 2MANYDJS / Soulwax


BOYS NOIZE live and DJ sets:

07.29 – Montreal, CAN @ Osheaga (LIVE)

07.30 – New York, NY @ Studio E (LIVE) w Health, Poliça, Venus X

07.31 – Fontana, CA @ HARD Festival

08.05 – Salmo, CAN @ Shambhala Music Festival

08.08 – Madrid, ES @ Mondo

08.12 – Budapest, HUN @ Sziget

08.17 – Vienna, AUT @ Frequency

08.20 – Inverness, UK @ Groove Loch Ness

08.25 – Zurich, CH @ Zurich Open Air (LIVE)

08.26 – Dublin, IRL @ Opium Room

08.27 – London, UK @ SW4 (LIVE)

08.28 – Haarlemmermeer, NL @ Mysteryland

10.28 – Live Oak, FL @ Suwanee Hullaween










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