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WeTransfer announces that it is offering every creative arts student* in the United States a free premium WeTransfer account. The file-transfer service wants to support the students by helping them transfer large files without disrupting their creative flow. Through the program, each student will have access to a WeTransfer Plus account for a year, valued at $120. A WeTransfer Plus account offers 20GB transfers, 100GB storage, custom wallpaper backgrounds and URLs, and password protected files.

All students and faculty can sign up at www.wetransfer.com/education. Harvard, Stanford, NYU, SVA and CalArts are among the schools already participating.

Despite recent efforts, arts programs are still seen as optional or even inferior in the wider education context. But turbulent times call for many of the skills and ways of thinking which creative projects encourage and develop. Of the initiative, Michael Bierut, Graphic Designer, Design Critic and Educator, says: “Design and arts education aren’t marginal activities that are nice to have in good times. As a matter of fact, they’re indispensable in tough times. Creativity and imagination have the capacity to build bridges, change minds, and transform lives. In an age of instantaneous, borderless communication, the work of creative people is more necessary than ever.” Nelly Ben Hayoun, Wired Innovation Fellow, Director of NBH Studios and Head of Experiences at WeTransfer, adds: “What the next generation needs is time to think, experiment, but also space and support to develop and engage with society, get involved politically and artistically with our futures. The tech world needs to inspire that next generation – to be bold, impolite and ambitious.” 

“Today’s creative students are tomorrow’s artistic leaders. We want to support them in their growth and provide them with the best tools to succeed,” says Camille Lindbom, VP of Business Development at WeTransfer. “By providing WeTransfer Plus accounts to students in art schools, WeTransfer enables them to seamlessly move from creation to collaboration, facilitating the flow of creative energy that artists crave. In return, we find ourselves inspired by their development and as the year progresses, we will select some of their best artwork and showcase it on WeTransfer.com.” Ever since it was founded in 2009, WeTransfer has given away 30% of its ad space to showcase creative work. Since early 2016, it also features new talent on its blog ThisWorks.

Please click here to read more about the education program.

*Creative Arts Students include music, visual arts, design, film, fine arts, architecture, photography, and literary arts students.

One of our favorites from WeTransfer’s blog ThisWorks is this feature on Scott Listfield. We loved his pieces so much, we decided to feature them on this post.