TUNE IN: Diplo talks Major Lazer updates, Silk City, & Mapei with Anna Lunoe Friday, 9/14 on Beats 1


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Diplo talks Major Lazer updates, Silk City, and Mapei on Dance Chart with Anna Lunoe on Beats 1 on Apple Music. Premiering this Saturday at 3 am LA/6AM NYC/11am LDN .

Friday 9/14, Diplo guests on Dance Chart with Anna Lunoe on Apple Music’s Beats 1. He talks to Anna about finishing up the next Major Lazer album, records that influenced Silk City’s “Electricity,” how Dua Lipa will be featured on two additional Silk City tracks, working with Mapei, and more.

Diplo x Anna Lunoe | Dance Chart on Apple Music’s Beats 1

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ANNA LUNOE: He’s a lot of things, but today we chat with him as one half of house act, Silk City. Welcome to the Dance Chart, Diplo. You have been running around doing shows, Major Lazer, Diplo. You released a massive EP at the beginning of the summer, and now this constant Silk City output, which is just absolutely blowing up. I don’t know how you do it.

DIPLO: I think I just have to go to work every day and make music.

ANNA: You’ve been doing a songwriting camp, right? That’s what you’ve been doing today or yesterday?

DIPLO: This week, I’m finishing Major Lazer’s new album, which I’m going to put out earlier or later next year. Just want to make it amazing and awesome. We have a lot of it done. We’re doing some cool stuff out here, in Malibu. Always working, you know! I didn’t put out a music at all last year in 2017, because I was working a lot. This year, I’m working on Silk City and LSD, and that’s why all that stuff is coming out right now.

ANNA: The Silk City project has been constant. You’ve been dropping songs every few weeks all summer long and now finishing off the summer with “Electricity,” which is such a massive anthem. It must have felt like it was burning a hole in your pocket all summer.

DIPLO: Yeah, we waited a while to put it out. Dua had a really busy summer, too. She was on tour, she had a big record with this guy, Calvin Harris, another DJ. He had a song and kind of messed up everything for us. Now, we just took a little longer and made our song a little better, and I’m glad we both got these songs over the summer. We both got a little Dua Lipa going on.

ANNA: It’s a massive one. It’s a huge anthem it sounds already like a classic. The Silk City project obviously inspired by a lot of classic house. Are there any songs that were really big inspirations for you?

DIPLO: I think records like “Nightcrawlers” or records that were crossover with still house music and Chicago style. Anything in [inaudible] back in the day. He made that record. Records of course that Daft Punk did, anything that samples any French touch records. Even stuff like “Call on Me.” Anything by Adeje and Cajmere, with soulful lyrics. I’ve always thought that was amazing, to mix gospel and house music. That’s kind of what we tried to do with “Electricity.”

ANNA: Did you have a dream list of vocalists that you wanted to hit up?

DIPLO: Honestly, no. We did a lot writing with [inaudbile] on our second single, “Feel about You,” and then we did a bunch of records with Diana Gordon, who’s a really great songwriter. We really wanted Dua Lipa on a record. We knew she had a deep voice to pull off a record like this. And I just think we got her and she nailed it. We have a lot more records with Mapei, actually, two other songs with Silk City. I hope you guys are going to hear those.

ANNA: I’d love to hear that. I’ve loved her for a long time. She’s amazing to me. I love her.

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