The rise of EDM in America – Avicii


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The rise of EDM in America

As EDM continues its rise in America it correlates its rise in Fashion. Beyond the dancing mess of tennis ball-bright tones, face paint, torsos and glow sticks.  DJs are carefully cultivating their brand, positioning themselves for the next take over – Fashion. From branding & licensing, to starring in campaigns for major designers. Taking cues from Tiesto, king, veteran and all-knowing business man, who recently partnered with Guess Watches and rolled out his own line of merchandise years ago. Shows further proof of what we’ve known all along, music and fashion goes hand in hand. Yin and Yang, if I may say. Evidenced, when this past Summer Ralph Lauren chose Avicii for its campaign.  A perfect partnership between the artist and the designer label since Avicii’s style – simple; unassuming; jeans, backwards hat and untucked button down shirt style reflects the designer’s label – post college all American.

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Here the Swede native is wearing luxury apparel, but holds his own. Avicii is wearing: Balmain’s wool jacket, Jean Machine’s cotton T-shirt and Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren’s cotton denim jeans.

Photo Credit Eli Schmidt and Conde Nast Publications