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March 30, 2013 @HQNightClub, Revel Resort, Atlantic City, NJ




1. A year after winning the IDMA Best Breakthrough Artist Award at WMC. How did it feel to be back in Miami this year?

Amazing I love Miami, great energy and so many amazing parties!


2. Fresh off your collaboration with Nari & Milani & MCNY on #MIAMIBACKAGAIN. And with your new release, “Do It” out April 3rd on Spinnin Records, are there any other releases we can look forward to?

Yes a new track with Steve Aoki!


3. Tell us more about your background and what or who inspired you to become a DJ?

Since I was a teenager I always wanted to become a DJ when I go out to these kids party’s I also stared at the DJ the whole night hahaha.


4. Is an album in the works for you at Wall Recordings? New productions in the works you can share with us?

No album in the works for me just singles at the moment.


5. What made you choose TRAP to remix of Bruno Mar’s, “Locked out of Heaven?” What do you think of bass heavy TRAP Music over all and the ever evolving sounds of EDM?

I love it… it feels fresh and exciting!


6. You are quite brave in your choice in sound experiments, what sound are thinking of next?

Good question I have no idea maybe something more minimal less sound, but more in your face!


7. Your meteoric rise in EDM has made you one of the most sought after DUTCH DJ. From your standpoint, what else can we expect from DUTCH HOUSE?

I personally think dutch house has great energy and just makes u wanna go nuts and dance all night!


8. Besides your residency at Hakkassan, What are your plans for the U.S.?

Doing big festivals off course playing shows all over the states and I got something special for New York coming up!


9. Looking at your worldwide tour dates can make anyone dizzy, when do you even sleep? Joking. How do you even keep your, “I NEED R3HAB,” show fresh? How do you chose which artists gets to grace your mixes?

Wow its a journey every week gotta find 12 to 14 cool tracks but I get a lot of promos with great stuff in it so its worth the search.


10. Any future plans for your merchandise?

Yes gonna do CROP TOPS for girls they are really cool and snapbacks for the fellas!