Spring Awakening is Almost Here!


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Get HYPED as Spring Awakening Music Festival is only 9 days away! The levels of energy are past the sky as fans anticipate the morning of June 9th starting off the weekend. SAMF officials are getting ready for the hundreds of passionate music lovers to ensure this festival is grandiose.

Listen to this dope playlist highlighting each artist and whirling away your mind and senses:

Engulfed in such a variety of brilliant artists, my heart has been captivated by many you can’t miss out on! Check Out The Full Single Day Lineup For SAMF 2017 HERE.


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Exceeding expectations for my first show, was Griz on New Year’s Eve at the Rave/Eagles Club in Milwaukee Wisconsin. My eyes were captivated the moment he appeared on stage with his saxophone and a gleaming smile on his face. His funky music and radiating energy touched each soul with happiness and magic. But to my surprise left me in awe yet again guest appearing with “The String Cheese Incident” and headlining at Electric Forest 2017. Each performance is upbeat and exhilarating. Don’t miss out on his newest album “Good Will Prevail” as you experience the colorful lights and positive energy it brings as Griz rocks out his moves!

Next, Excision and Snails have nearly broken my neck each set in the best way possible. From Excisions newest album the song “Neck Brace” describes all. For all you headbangers who crave a dirty bassline and a hype crowd, these are two shows you’ll wanna be at! Both artists are accompanied by mind boggling visuals/videos and crazy light shows!

Thirdly, Vanic and Rufus Du Sol provide a deep intimacy with their performances like never felt before. Each beat, strum or voice captures the focus of your mind and whirls you away into a new world. With more subtle light shows but still some visuals, the music speaks louder as well the body language of the artists. “Bloom” will rise goosebumps to your skin’s surface and songs like “Can’t Sleep” by Vanic will have you vibing.


Lastly, being front row for his “Divide and Conquer” album at Concord Music Hall in Chicago, as it was a breathtaking show. With drops like no other, the whole audience got down as every track overtook your body with expression. It became a lucid dream as the visuals came to life as well.
If you missed the 3-day passes, don’t fret for there are single day passes on sale awaiting your purchase! Each show provides unique and unforgettable moments, don’t delay on getting your tickets. General Admission and VIP passes are available now at springawakeningfestival.com!