[Show Review] MAXXIMIZE at Governors Island NYC 8/16

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AUGUST. 19, 2015

100% Monster Tunes, 100% Musical Eargasm, 100%  Nothing Less, 100% Maxximize Life, 100% BLASTERJAXX. This was a peak into Blasterjaxx’s new show concept: Maxximize, premiered first in none other than Governors Island, NYC.

Maxximize is the vision of Blasterjaxx and is the embodiment of their life’s motto “Music Is Our Religion.” Maxximize is a multi-faceted platform meant to ‘maxximize’ every aspect of Blasterjaxx’s creative vision. As of this moment it’s an event, it’s a radio show, it’s a record label, it’s a fashion line. Most of all, Maxximize is a lifestyle – based on making the most of every aspect in life.

With sets from Matisse & Sadko, Joe Ghost, LOUDPVCK, 4B, D.O.D., Blasterjaxx and Timmy Trumpet and the well respected Governors Island Club location, Maxximize fully lived up to its expectations. The day event began at 5pm and was accessible by just a short and most importantly, free, 20 minute ferry ride away. From the island, you awe in the view of Downtown New York City across the beautiful NY bay waters as the day changes to night, all while listening to the insane, high energy artists and attendees to enjoy a night that never calms down.

See Joe Ghost play his Remix of MOTi’s “House of Now” at Maxximize here. The single is out now and you can download it now for free here.

Listen here first:

LOUDPVCK steaming up the crowd on a hot summers day on Governors Island.

A nice sunset set by DJ 4B:

A taste of what Blasterjaxx want to bring out from their Maxximize concept:

Timmy Trumpet closed the night with a bang after a long anticipated intense set brought from Blasterjaxx. His unique trumpet add on to his sets kept the crowd interested ‘til the end, so much so he was given permission to play two extra songs after curfew!

Photo credits go to all the amazing photographers on Governers Island Club that day.

Claudia Manganiello