All Day I Dream’s ‘Summer Fade’ on Governors Island Sep 18th w/ Lee Burridge, Hoj, & Lost Desert


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With a little melancholy in their heart for a Summer beginning to fade, All Day I Dream announces their Summer season closing event on New York City’s Governor’s Island on Sunday, September 18th.

Allowing fans an afternoon to retreat from the stark urban jungle of New York City floating just off of lush Governor’s Island, Lee will be joined by Lost Desert and Hoj on September 18. From early afternoon into darkness, each will bring their own unique story written with refined and elegant sounds. A melodic masterpiece awaits as the final event of Summer always brings together the best of beautiful friends and strangers alike. As the sun dips into the Brooklyn night. love and light will fill the dance floor as the Summer will fade delicately away.

Humbly in it’s sixth year already, All Day I Dream has gained a cult like status in North America while simultaneously growing it’s loyal, passionate community of dreamers elsewhere across the globe in each carefully chosen location. Extending far beyond just the music, the event’s contagious positivity seems to spread like wildfire between those captivated by its allure and charm.

All Day I Dream represents a return to the simplest of things; with broad smiles beaming from the faces of the beautiful souls who embrace this movement and are bathed and bewitched by its aural and visual experience.


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