All Day I Dream Returns to New York’s Governors Island on July 10


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All Day I Dream Returns to New York’s Governors Island on July 10

featuring Lee Burridge, Matthew Dekay, and YokoO

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It is with much anticipation that All Day I Dream returns to the historic haunts of New York’s Governors Island on Sunday July 10. The iconic party, spawned on a similarly sunny Brooklyn rooftop in 2011, will see Lee Burridge turn back towards his eager East Coast fan base at the helm of a global movement.

Manhattan skyscrapers will once again serve as a dramatic backdrop to the more organic, natural, and warm feel of the event’s decor and production, with All Day I Dream’s signature sound being propelled through a world-class sound system. The magic created at each All Day I Dream event stems from Lee’s fusion of curation and emotional experience, a musing of refined sounds and aesthetic that extends beyond the melodies.

In Lee’s own words: “It’s not only the music. It’s the energy created by the loyal community of dreamers who attend each and every event. Everyone is an important part of what makes it so unique and special. You can’t exactly put your finger on what it is, but it’s definitely there.”

Joining Lee this time at Governors Island will be fellow ADID stalwart and master producer Matthew Dekay, as well as House maestro and studio devoteé YokoO. YokoO has gained much notoriety this past year through his sought after productions and DJ sets and is due to release a full EP on All Day I Dream this summer.

Already in its sixth year in the USA, All Day I Dream has gained cult like status in North America while simultaneously growing it’s loyal, passionate community of dreamers elsewhere across the globe in each carefully chosen location. Extending far beyond just the music, the event’s contagious positivity seems to spread like wildfire between those attending and beyond. All Day I Dream represents a return to the simplest of things; broad smiles beaming from the faces of the beautiful souls who embrace this movement. A delightful and bewitching aural and visual treat for the senses.

For More Info and Tickets to All Day I Dream on Governors Island, visit: All Day I Dream on Governors Island.