Secret Solstice Wraps Another Memorable Year!


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In its 6th Edition, Secret Solstice 2019, Iceland’s famed Midnight Sun festival was the perfect blend of assorted music, great weather and the country’s jaw-dropping scenery brought people together for a lasting collective experience. 

The lineup featured artists ranging from live performances by foreign and homegrown genre-defying acts from Hatari to Högni, The Black Eyed Peas closing out the second night of the festival and Robert Plant wrapping the final night, to a who’s who of music’s most innovative artists, DJs and producers including Patti Smith, Sugar Hill Gang, Kerri Chandler, Patrice Bäumel, James Zabiela, MK, Night Lovell, EXOS, BenSöl, Cosmic Bullshit, Carla Rose, Morcheeba, Monica Jude, Pussy Riot, and more.   

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While the festival remained true to Reykjavík’s thriving music scene, with performances by artists such as Hatari, Elli Grill, Högni, BenSol, Svala, KrBear, and countless more. This year, Secret Solstice was blessed with terrific weather, which allowed attendees to fully enjoy the Midnight Sun phenomenon. From one-of-a-kind parties to silent disco sessions, face painting and it’s new off-site after-hours programming, Ragnarök. Secret Solstice 2019 surpassed our expectations and left us craving more.

Our gratitude goes out to the entire Secret Solstice family, the paragon of hospitality. Truly, an astounding and priceless experience for the books! 

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