RECAP: World premiere of ‘Chapter One – The Kiteboard Legacy Begins’ (Sept. 15, 2016)


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The kiteboarding elite unite in California for the world premiere of ‘Chapter One – The Kiteboard Legacy Begins’   

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On September 15, file-transfer service WeTransfer hosted the global premiere of “Chapter One: The Kiteboarding Legacy Begins,” at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. The movie brings together the sport’s top athletes alongside luminaries like Sir Richard Branson and Bay Area kiteboarding legend Don Montague. While Chapter One features many mind-blowing destinations, including Hawaii, Fiji, Indonesia, Brazil and the Netherlands, the city of San Francisco takes center stage too. It is fitting to debut the movie in a city where, for many of the entrepreneurs and CEOs living there, kiteboarding has become the “new golf.” Many members of the San Francisco kiteboarding community were instrumental in the making of Chapter One. One of them is venture capitalist Bill Tai, who alongside Susi Mai and their influential MaiTai community, managed to get Sir Richard Branson involved.

Kiteboard at speed

Three years ago Bob van de Gronde and Arthur Neumeier, the founders of Eyeforce, the film’s production house, decided to make a film to showcase the unique sport of kiteboarding. The Eyeforce team subsequently spoke with WeTransfer founder Bas Beerens, leading to a natural collaboration aligned with WeTransfer’s longstanding commitment to supporting creative talent.

‘Chapter One’ – The Kiteboard Legacy Begins (Official 4K Trailer)

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