MUSIC: Channel Tres ‘Black Moses’ EP via Godmode


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Compton-born artist Channel Tres releases Black Moses via the LA-based label Godmode. The project arrives with three major singles out already, including Beats 1 World Record “Black Moses” featuring JPEGMAFIA, “Sexy Black Timberlake” and “Brilliant N*gga.”

Channel Tres – Raw Power (Black Moses EP)


“Black Moses” is of course a nod to Isaac Hayes, the American soul artist who at first bristled at the sacrilege of his nickname, but then came to see it as a symbol of black pride: “Chains that once represented bondage and slavery now can be a sign of power and strength and sexuality and virility.”

“Orpheus” opens with silky vocal harmonies set under Channel’s deep baritone, echoing ‘can’t look back’ – a personal mantra to stay focused on the future and an introduction to the rest of the EP. “Brilliant N*gga” bounces in with an irresistible bassline and lyrics that cut through the misconceptions that exist around black culture. “Black Moses” follows as an homage to the iconic American soul artist Isaac Hayes, who repurposed the nickname as a sign of power, strength, and black pride. The track also evokes the complicated sense of responsibility that Channel feels for his family and community. “Sexy Black Timberlake” favors his funk-forward West Coast sound, tackling social issues that young black men face, either being vilified or objectified for their skin color. “Raw Power” rounds out the EP with psychedelic production elements, dedicated to Iggy Pop and The Stooges’ 1973 song of the same name.