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ANOTR talks “Universal Love,” the ANTS Colony, and their love for Ibiza.

As the Dutch duo embarks on yet another busy season, ANOTR takes WOTN on their journey to success.

Name changer…

ANOTR came from our previous alias. We were called Piotr & Zhan, and when we wanted to push to a bigger more international market we realized we had to change our name to make it work. A friend of ours, also a DJ named HOLT, suggested to change the name into ANOTR so we would stay close to our roots. He suggested to take the last part of zhAN and the last part of piOTR and that’s when ANOTR was born.

On how shared passion led to realizing their dreams…

Our path together started pretty simple. We were 2 friends, that shared the passion for music and love for the party scene. We just wanted to make beats, play music in front of crowds and just do our thing. That idea grew into a dream when we started to get more and more bookings in and outside of Amsterdam. Slowly but steadily we saw our following grow, and people started asking for our music, and for releases. So we decided to take this more serious and start making music behind the scene, not releasing any music until we’re 100% sure about a whole arsenal of tracks. When that moment came, we changed our name to ANOTR, a fresh start, new music and a team around us to realize our dreams, that’s when things really took off.

ANOTR on tour

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On the lessons of past experiences, and how it shaped their music today…

You realize your sound develops, you move a little left and a little right, but what we noticed is that we always fall back into our own sound that fits us best. Inspiration by other artists is always a good thing, but you’re always gonna be best in what you like to make the most.

On returning to Ibiza, Sept. 21st for the ANTS Residency — what are you looking forward to this season?

We just love to be in Ibiza. The whole Island and the party scene that comes with it, always gives us motivation and drive to work harder in the winters to make sure we get back to the Island the next year. We just love the vibe at ANTS, starting the day quite early with friends and colleagues, seeing all those familiar faces again after the winter break. It’s always good to see everyone again after a year, and to celebrate that with a shot of hierbas is just perfect.

Explain your ANTS residency experience. And, what does the underground colony mean to you?

Our residency at ANTS has been going for 2 years now. Aside of the gigs at Ushuaïa Ibiza, we’ve been playing for them in more places in the world. They’ve been supporting us and our music, and we’re very happy to be part of the family.

Inside the ANTS Colony…

We’re doing some cool shows outside Ibiza with ANTS later this year, but we can’t tell you when and where yet.. just know you gotta be there.

On where you might spot them in Ibiza…

We have a couple of places where we go 9/10 times we visit the Balearic Island. First up is Cale Comte, for a nice day of relaxing at the beach. Next to that one of our favorite restaurants to visit is Il Giardinetto at Talamanca beach, for the best Italian dishes. Promise you’ll have the best Pizza on the island.

LISTEN: ANOTR – Universal Love (Out 19 August 2019)

On new music and inspiration…

We listen to sets and releases of guys that inspire us and that fit our sound. We think that’s the best way to discover new music, and to get inspired in to making an original track with that same inspiration.

On fulfillment, clubs versus festivals…

Festival performances are always good and fun to do, but a good club night can be just as fulfilling. It’s just hard to tell which one is more sufficient, but we feel that there’s no point in comparing the two because when the vibe is right, it doesn’t matter what kind of party you’re at, you’re gonna enjoy it anyways.

ANOTR celebrating their sold-out show at De Loft, Amsterdam

Discover NO ART…

If people follow our label No Art, they’re gonna discover what music and up and coming artists we really like. We suggest to listen to our releases on the label and you’ll understand our vision and taste in music.

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