Dominik Eulberg Releases New Album Single


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Music producer, Biologist, and Ecologist, Dominik Eulberg has a clear message within his music. Creating a plea to save the biodiversity of nature, his forthcoming album, ‘Mannigfaltig’ pushes forward the importance of preserving our earth’s ecosystems and warning of the danger posed to it by humans. 

Dominik Eulberg – Fünffleck-Widderchen (!K7)

Ahead of the album’s release via !K7 Records, Dominik unveils the next single, ‘Fünffleck-Widderchen’ which translates as ‘New Forest Burnet’. With each album track from ‘Mannigfaltig’ aptly named after varying native animal species which bare a number in its name in German, ‘Fünffleck-Widderchen’ derives from the name of a distinctive species of moth with five red spots on each forewing. Looking to celebrate the many shades of nature and its beauty, Dominik offers a near extra-terrestrial take on ‘Fünffleck-Widderchen’. Electrical currents tick and crackle as feather-light bells and synths harmonize before the unleashing of a weighty, punching kick. 

“With Fünffleck-Widderchen I wanted to build a hypnotic and almost transcendental journey. For that, I created polyrhythmic sequences which are also sometimes triplet, but their transpositions are still in the classic 4/4 scheme. In interaction with its broken beats and the wide Oberheim theme with no clear start and ending it develops its own vortex this way. Fünffleck-Widderchen (English: New Forest Burnet) is a moth with five red spots per forewing. This is why it is track-number five on my album Mannigfaltig.”
Dominik Eulberg

As he seeks to showcase nature at its most raw and magnificent, a series of stunning and nature-centric music videos will also accompany the album. With the recent release of previous single ‘Goldene Acht’, Dominik worked with one of Germany’s leading documentary filmmakers Jan Haft to create the music video. The upcoming video for album track ‘Eintagsfliege’ has also been recognized by the UN Decade Of Biodiversity, gaining ‘An Outstanding Contribution’ award whilst also receiving recognition from the Federal Agency of Nature Conservation who will feature the film as their ‘Project Of The Week’. Alongside the new single ‘Fünffleck-Widderchen’, Dominik also reveals a series of album tour dates that will see him perform across Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France, and Spain. 
 Dominik Eulberg’s ‘Mannigfaltig’ will be released via !K7 Records on 6 th September. 

Dominik Eulberg ‘Mannigfaltig’ Album Tour Dates 2019:

14 th September – Ritter Butzke, Berlin 
21 st September – 013, Tillburg 
28 th September – Kompass Club, Gent 
th October – Audio Club, Geneva 
11 th October – Junkyard, Dortmund 
26 th October – Bellona Club, Lyon 
st November – Harry Klein, Munich 
nd November – Uebel & Gefährlich, Hamburg 
th November – Fusion Club, Münster 
th November – Guggenheim Museum. Bilbao 
23 rd November – Loft Club, Ludwigshafen 

Dominik Eulberg’s ‘Fünffleck-Widderchen’is out now via !K7 Records.