Caspa & Rusko Release “EP 2”


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Fresh from dropping their broadsword all-flavour “EP 1” comes the unleashing of “EP 2”


One year deep into their rule-free pact: Dubstep roadmen Caspa & Rusko continue to deliver some of the most exciting, refreshing creations in their careers. Fresh from dropping their broadsword all-flavour ‘EP 1’ and the incendiary rave blunderbuss ‘Cheese’, they let rip with their second EP… Once again it pays no attention to trend, expectation or formula. And it’s sprayed in every shade of gully soul known to mankind.

Alert levels are set to red with ‘Riddem Again’. A necksnap rumpus where two-steps, grime tones and a droning backdrop of drama establish the scene while sirens, MC samples and a grinding bass riff provide the plot… Something you’ll lose as the track progresses.

The damage continues with ‘Whiplash’. Here the duo flex a barbed arsonistic Footsie bar, matching his Newham grit toe-for-toe with a moody halfstep swagger that shudders with every anchor kick and shakes with distorted stab. Dances be burnt, ears be turnt, this one is straight up fire.

For balance and fullness, ‘Cup Of Peace’ closes the show with what’s fast becoming an EP signature; an authentic mystic kiss in the midst of the dub abyss. Real to the skank-shined core, riddled with mellifluous layers of digidub melody and high grade ounces of bounce, the originators bring their vast and varied influences and inspirations back to dub touchstone that anchors all our collections and passions. Serve dutifully with a chunky piece of cake.

Their third release in as many months… Expect more rule-free dispatches from dubstep’s most enduring duo very very soon.