Watch: Disciple label head unveils new project MYRO with throwback Dubstep “Playa”


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Myro ‘Playa’ (UKF)

We Own The Nite NYC_MYRO_Playa


Recently alluding to the return of the UK sound of dubstep, Rusko said “When you say a genre has burst, that doesn’t mean it’s gone.” With the bass music legend recently reforming his duo with fellow producer & Dub Police label-head Caspa, as well as Cookie Monsta launching her own #BringTheWobbleBack campaign, the future of UK dubstep looks bright ahead, carried by its incontestable cult following.


Here Disciple boss man Myro partners with UKF to present Playa, a gritty throwback production made as a homage to his pre-2010 dubstep influences. Despite his new name, Myro is no stranger to the world of production as one half of Astronaut and boasting multiple collaborations with some of the key players of the scene like Barely Alive, Far Too Loud and Black Tiger Sex Machine. Citing lowend game-changers Caspa & Rusko amongst his influences, solo debut Playa illustrates his meticulousness in the studio, skillfully blending harsh bass lines with the dub-fuelled melodies that give the track its undeniably classic feel.


Myro, real name Rossy Burr is the co-founder of Disciple, the Bristol, UK born, now Los Angeles-based record label that has been on the rise since its inception in 2013, responsible for breaking acts like Barely Alive, Virtual Riot and Dubloadz.


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