THE BUZZ: Caspa & Rusko Release Highly Anticipated EP1


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Caspa & Rusko Release Highly Anticipated EP1

Three tracks of fresh fire from two of UK bass music’s most infamous partnerships: Caspa & Rusko.

We Own The Nite NYC_Caspa_&_Rusko_EP 1

It’s the EP we’ve been waiting for. Three tracks of fresh fire from two of UK bass music’s most infamous partnerships: Caspa & Rusko. This one’s been bubbling since they announced their reunion last Autumn.

Separately Caspa and Rusko were at the forefront of the dubstep movement, and with them leading the charge in the UK, they catered to voices that had not yet been heard and spoke to millions around the world creating a dominant force in North America. The two are linked as the most influential artists spawning a new era of dubstep producers like Flux Pavilion, Skrillex and Flosstradamus among others.

As they’ve expressed in interviews, their reunion is nothing but a vibe thing, a fun thing and a long game thing. Everything about this project is real and done on their own terms and rules as they make the music they want to make, play the shows they want to play and deliver the releases when they want to. Like now…

We ignite with ‘Fruity Loops’. A nostalgic flex down DAW memory lane with full focus on the grime aesthetic that’s been inspiring the duo in recent times, prepare for a bombardment of eski slaps, snaps and double snare taps. With latent funk programmed deep into the groove, this shakes up any dance scenario from the tippy top right the way down to the batty.

In contrast ‘Arms House’ sharpens the gun fingers to dangerous points as the pair carve out a subtle-but-savage underground stepper. All rolling percussion, off-beat bass and sudden aggy samples, it’s a heads-down workout that takes us deep, deep DEEP into their collective mindset.

We conclude with ‘Brixton Blow Out (Rubber Dub)’. Putting the dub back into dubstep, it’s a shimmering, smoky skanker with a rootsical dynamic that takes us back to the source where elements of Augustus, Scientist and Tubby can be found deep in the crisp instrumentation and dreamy melody. From grime influences to classic dub, this sums up Caspa & Rusko’s shared vision perfectly. Stay tuned: There’s plenty more where this came from!



1.Fruity Loops
2.Arms House
3.Brixton Blow Out (Rubber Dub)