Year of Noize – here we go! Boys Noize – Strictly Raw Vol.1

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BOYS NOIZE, Alex Ridha explains the tracks via his Twitter: “STRICTLY RAW is
basically made with analogue machines for DJs that need some good raw
House & Techno tools. I’m releasing this to celebrate #BNR10YR cause
I started @boysnoizerecords to be independent, releasing my own music
and to have a platform for talented musicians & producers that try
to sound different! STRICTLY RAW is also my reaction to
the terribly generic edm mass market paying tribute to the very alive
"underground” sound that I love and support in my DJ-sets!“

Strictly Raw Vol 1 track by track comments:
"Paranoid” was part of an all nite session i did with ‘Johnny Sack’ before our@boilerroomtv b2b set. we wanted to have a full album to play.

“808 IRAQ” was the 3rd joint from my jams w @ciaotiga ! I was like you can have “100” & “Jam#1” for @turborecordings and i’ll keep iraq hehe.

“Overstayer” was
the 1st track i did w this new saturator/compress/eq/distort all in 1
rack i ran my drum machine through. basically 1 jam. those are my
favourite tracks sometimes. you program something on your machine,
record a session, edit it a bit. done. fun!

“Cerebral” was
another jam i did with the same drum machine and saturator, but more
than 1 audio file lol. the original idea was breakbeat and i gave the files to @piloofficial who added a 4/4 kick and this vocal snipped. i thought that was it. back at my studio i edited & mixed it.

“The Fix” is another more classic acid track, done with the original tb 303 & 707. basically a follow up to my other track “1010”

“Openn” is a live jam with @Atom_TM_news when
he also came to my studio. we originally started another track with a
bass sequence. Uwe programed the new 808 and i ran it through some
outside effect i cant remember. after that we thought the drums
themselves were enough.

“Spacer” is also pretty much a livejam @TEEDinosaurs and me did in my studio in LA. him on the synths & me on the drums. italo-disco-techno

“Dawnload” is my halftime hi-tec-core jam which has been out on my soundcloud for a little bit but it wasnt officially released yet…

“Brain Frequent” is
my take on the love i got for EBM/new Beat/wave and Industrial stuff.
it s pretty heavy i know…but dropped at the right time in the right
club this jams fucking fire! i’ve added my voice in the end of the track
“Brain Frequent Higher”.

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Includes new collaborations with Tiga, mysterious Johnny Sack, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Atom TM, SCNTST and Pilo



Boys Noize pres. Strictly Raw Vol 1 track listing:
1. Boys Noize & Johnny Sack “Paranoid”
2. Boys Noize & Tiga “808 Iraq”
3. Boys Noize “Overstayer”
4. Boys Noize & Pilo “Celebral”
5. Boys Noize “The Fix”
6. Boys Noize & AtomTM “Openn”
7. Boys Noize & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs “Spacer”
8. Boys Noize “Dawnload”
9. Boys Noize “Brain Frequent”

Upcoming #BNR10YR Live Dates:

Additional lineups and ticket links will be announced soon!

All dates & info: 


7/2 – Ibiza, Spain @ Cream
7/3 – Roeser, Luxemburg @ Rock A Field
7/4 – Brest, France @ Astropolis Festival
7/10 – Zamardi, Hungary @ Balaton Festival
7/11 – Eindhoven, The Netherlands @ XO Extrema Outdoor Festival
7/11 – Essen, Germany @ Hotel Shanghai
7/17 – Eau Claire, WI @ Eaux Claires Festival
7/18 – New York, NY @ PS1 MOMA Warm Up
7/24 – San Francisco, CA @ Mezzanine #BNR10YR
7/25 – Cuauhtemoc, Mexico @ Sala Puebla #BNR10YR
7/30 – Morrison, CO @ Red Rocks (as Dog Blood)
7/31 – Denver, CO @ BETA #BNR10YR
8/1 – Chicago, IL @ Lollapalooza Festival
8/1 – Chicago, IL @ Evil Olive
8/2 – Pomona, CA @ HARD Summer Festival
8/4: Los Angeles, CA @ HARD Summer
8/8 – Saalbach, Germany @ Sonne Mond Sterne
8/13 – Shanghai, China @ TBA
8/14 – Tokyo, Japan @ Sonic Mania
8/15 – Tokyo, Japan @ TBA
8/20 – Hasselt, Belgium @ Pukkelpop
8/22 – Hamburg, Germany @ Dockville Festival
8/23 – The Netherlands @ Lowlands Festival
8/28 – Paris, France @ Rock En Seine (as Handbraekes)
8/30 – Dresden, Germany @ Showboxx Open Air #BNR10YR
9/4 – Ibiza, Spain @ Bugged Out
9/12 – Berlin, Germany @ Lollapalooza (as Dog Blood)
9/13 – London, UK @ HOLI COLORS Festival
9/25 – Marseille, France @ Marsatac Festival
9/28 – Ibiza, Spain @ Aoki’s Playhouse
10/16 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands @ ADE Paradiso
10/24 – Caen, France @ Nordik Impakt