INTERVIEW: Going Behind the Scenes of Julian Jordan’s “Always” Music Video [Rotterdam]


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We Own The Nite went behind the scenes on the set of Julian Jordan’s music video shoot for “ALWAYS” x CHOCO released January 20th via Armada Music B.V.

Lights, Camera, Action!

When I meet Julian Jordan in Rotterdam (Yes, the one in The Netherlands!), he’s dressed simply, clad in all black with the exception of his t-shirt, shoes and his signature megawatt smile. At first, he’s in complete disbelief I took the 30 minute journey via train (you can take the girl out of NY, but you can’t take NY out of the girl) from Amsterdam to Rotterdam (apparently, the Dutch seldom take the train), but appreciative I made the trip despite the nationwide blackout that plagued the entire country earlier that morning.

During my visit, the 21-year-old gifted Dutchman is lively and engaged, armed with the same energy and focus he puts into his shows.  As a producer, he’s worked with the brightest in the industry—Sander van Doorn, Martin Garrix and most recently CHOCO. But the best way to gain perspective of his success–is his partnership this past summer with Dutch behemoth, Armada Music. So far, Julian has released six productions under his own GOLDKID Records label since teaming up with Armada. Just last month, he released his first ever mix compilation album, “It’s Julian Jordan” filled his favorite music along with his very own (3 exclusive new tracks + a collabo with Martin Garrix).

How does it feel to have “It’s Julian Jordan” out there on your own GOLDKID Records?

JJ: It feels really good. It was always a dream of mine to release a compilation album with my favorite artists + my own tracks. I was fortunate this year, it came together because I felt inspired and just made a lot of music. We brought the idea to Armada, who thought it would be a great addition to my GOLDKID Records Label.

What’s the initial feedback on “It’s Julian Jordan?”

JJ: I’m incredibly proud. A lot of positive feedback. It has everything for everybody and every mood. It’s something you can get into while driving and you can play it at a party, as well. An album you can play morning, noon and night. I was aiming for diversity. So far, I am just happy that everyone is enjoying the music.

Since signing with a record label, you’ve had an incredible ride but last year was your biggest (nominated by MTV EMA for Best Dutch Act 2016). I noticed you’re keen to take the time to release each of your track and so far avoided falling into the trap. Is there a science to your madness?

JJ: I don’t know–if I could phrase it that way but I do believe in releasing quality music that means something to me. Giving music my full attention and not simply putting it out there for the sake of putting it out there. Respecting the process of making music and giving it the full attention it deserves.  I guess–that’s the science to my madness.  Doing something I love and hope that it’s something others can enjoy, that’s the formula to the music I release.

Let’s dive into the album…what was the easiest track to put together?

JJ: The easiest track for me was “Pilot,” everything just flowed and it came together in two hours. I can proudly say…So far, it was my most successful creative process. Ever. The idea and the music just came together like magic.

And the toughest one?

JJ: The toughest one [pauses]. I would have to say “Rebound,” that one didn’t come as easy and I was more focused on sound design and getting out of my comfort zone. It needed a bit of finessing too.  In the end, I was happy with the result and hoped everyone would be too.

As far as touring, will we be seeing you soon in the big apple?

JJ: I will be doing shows to support my latest track “Always” with CHOCO. Heading to LAVO NY and Asia in a few weeks. More details on my socials and website. Definitely keep an eye on that.

I know you completed one of your BUCKET LIST goals in 2016 by playing ULTRA Miami Main Stage. What’s coming up for you this year?

JJ: For now, my track “Always” out now on GOLDKID Records [grins] and my monthly residency at OMNIA Las Vegas. I am really looking forward to that on top of my other shows all around the world and more studio time.

Let’s get down to why we’re here today. You’re shooting a music video. Tell us more about that. What’s the storyline?

JJ: It’s actually quite an interesting concept. Living in a digital world, we often forget to live in the moment. We’re glued to screens and the music video for “ALWAYS” encourages you to live outside and explore. My team and I recently visited Iceland and we shot some of the scenes out there, which was incredibly challenging since during this time of the year daylight’s limited for a few hours. Then it’s just darkness.

Besides limited daylight. What were the other challenges shooting in Iceland?

JJ: [squints] Getting up early and staying warm, but it was super fun and I really enjoyed Iceland.

This past summer, you finally turned 21. This means you get to hang out, chill and enjoy yourself a little after your set.

JJ: [laughs] I can finally stay there and not get kicked out. It’s going to be fun and I hope to meet some of my fans, but for those who can’t make it due to their age and limited to geography. I really tried my best to give them the experience of my DJ set via the compilation album. That was my goal. So, to my fans–this one’s for you!

Behind the scenes – Shooting the Music Video for “Always” [Julian’s creative team]

It was a pleasure being here today and chatting with you, Julian. We wish you the best, we’re thrilled about being here for the “ALWAYS” X CHOCO music video shoot in Rotterdam, Netherlands. We can’t wait to see the final product, and we will see you in New York!

For Julian Jordan, ‘Always’ X CHOCO comes hot on the heels of his first-ever mix compilation: ‘It’s Julian Jordan’. The mix compilation, which was released less than one month ago on December 23rd, packs a selection of his own personal favorites and a host of rock-solid compositions, ensuring an ending to 2016 as spectacular as ‘Always’ X CHOCO has now made the start of 2017.

On location in Rotterdam with Julian Jordan

Photo Credit: R Zhuklevich

Listen to Julian Jordan x CHOCO – Always:


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