Staff Picks: De Hofnar feat. Nathan Nicholson – Restart


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It’s May, things are heating up in New York City, and our airwaves are finally getting the first taste of summer releases. On Friday Netherlands-based producer De Hofnar released “Restart” featuring Nathan Nicholson. Take a listen:

Vibrant and upbeat, De Hofnar’s ‘Restart’ radiates positivity like no other. Empowered by Nathan Nicholson’s unique vocals and joyful melodies, this tune is the silver lining to every cloud. More importantly, it comes at a time when most of the country is gearing up for warmer weather and looking for tracks to blast while driving with the windows down. Immediately add “Restart” to your personal playlist – you will not regret it.

De Hofnar met up with American artist Nathan Nicholson during a creative session at the Armada Studios in Amsterdam. They shared music and immediately felt the connection for a collaboration. Says De Hofnar, “I scrolled through some beats I was working at that moment and Nathan was super surprised to hear this project with a more discoish feel. He showed me some small lyrics he wrote the other day about restarting your life after a breakup. He told more about the personal background story and we found out that I had experienced the same thing.

This song is about moving on and looking to the future, that with every end there’s a new beginning and a chance at starting over” says Nicholson. With lyrics like “I’ve become stronger with the rising sun / I’ll restart the beating of my broken heart” the track is not only upbeat and fun musically, but features empowering lyrics to shout at the top of your lungs.

Released on Armada, you can listen to “Restart” across your streaming platform of choice. Catch up with the artists at their socials below:

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