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As ‘Dynamite’ continues to build on the success of their previous hit ‘Hipcats’, it’s no wonder ATFC & David Penn have chosen to add to the momentum with a brand-new music video as well. Following the cat puppet theme as seen in the music video for ‘Hipcats’, the treatment for ‘Dynamite’ sees the feline puppets stars once more in a film that ends with a bang.

Watch the official music video of ‘Dynamite’

The story begins with both protagonists trying to watch their favorite TV show in their bachelor pad when they are roughly disturbed by a bunch of crows on their antenna. When they’ve scared them off, the crows return for revenge, brutally sending our cat buddies to cat heaven. There, the Cat God takes one of their lives, but sends them back with a divine weapon: a bag of dynamite.

When they return back on earth, the crows have built a wild party in the cat house. Our cat heroes feed every crow a stick of TNT to get rid of them once and for all. Now they can finally watch their show in peace, with a beer and a cigarette. As one of the cats carelessly throws away his cig, it lands next to a stick of dynamite, lighting the fuse and ending the film with a bang.

ATFC enjoyed major success around the turn of the century, charting in the Top 40 of the U.K. Singles chart with ‘In And Out Of My Life’ (#11, 1999), ‘Bad Habit’ (#17, 2000) and ‘Sleep Talk’ (#33, 2002). In the years thereafter, House icons such as Mark Knight, Mousse T, Nic Fanciulli and Roger Sanchez began to take notice of his slick productions and masterful grooves, a trademark ATFC has honed to perfection.

One of Spain’s most well-known DJ/producers, David Penn has a number of worldwide House hits to his name, including mid-90s hit ‘The Night Train’ (#1 in the Netherlands, #12 in the U.K.), produced under his Kadoc moniker. Throughout his long and prosperous career, he has worked with some of House’s finest acts and labels, and remixed tracks from a whole raft of notable acts, including Simply Red, Mariah Carey, Junior Jack, Sandy Rivera, River Ocean feat India (Masters At Work), Boy George, Josh One, Kiko Navarro, Michael Gray, Lenny Fontana, Robbie Rivera, The Shapeshifters, Joey Negro and more