Alien Rain To Release ‘The Arrival’ EP


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‘The Arrival’ EP out March 25th on UFO Inc.

The second release on Ellen Allien’s newly launched UFO Inc. label comes from none other than Alien Rain. Under this moniker, Berlin techno stalwart Milton Bradley has been crafting a unique acid sound since his debut in 2012 that perfectly fits the concept of UFO Inc. The four tracks on “The Arrival” pick up on the cosmic aesthetics that Ellen Allien herself established on the inaugural “UFO” EP and combine them with a hefty dose of Berlin-style techno, the sound that the Do Not Resist the Beat! founder grew up with in the late 80s and early 90s.

PREVIEW: UFO2 – Alien Rain – The Arrival

“The Arrival” begins with “How Long Is Now?,” an atmospheric, breakbeat-based track with a bouncing bassline. Clearly inspired by the heydays of early UK rave culture and topped off with subtle eerie voices meandering through the mix, it is becoming more urgent and demanding the further the track unfolds. However, “How Long Is Now?” merely paves the way for the sonic onslaught that unfolds right after. “Believe It Or Not” is already far less playful, aiming straight for the peak time. As belting as it may be though, the track is also a flawless six-minute exercise in acid minimalism that sees Milton Bradley effortlessly increasing the intensity with every beat of the relentless kick.

The flipside opens with “Space Race,” a standout track even on a formidable package like this one. Here the frantic shrieks of the 303 harken back to the very first acid productions, translating the nervous energy and rapturous ecstasy of the early days of electronic dance music into an argot that still today is spoken on dancefloors everywhere. Milton Bradley then rounds off the “The Arrival” EP with uncanny synthesizer textures reminiscent of the earliest days of electronic music, but then swiftly arrives in the year 2019 via a quick detour through “1995,” a trance-inducing piece of acid techno that for one last time proves that Alien Rain is a true master of the contemporary acid sound, and one of the genres major driving forces.