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Noé gets honest and real on new single & video “Color”

Stripping back from her self-reflective and light-hearted approach to love and lyricism, Paris-born singer/songwriter Noé turns to her music in a completely raw and real way on her latest release “Color” where she reveals some real-life struggles. In collaboration with her main producer Matt Parad (Tinashe, Bea Miller, Kacy Hill), “Color” is a moody slow burner with real-life storytelling, built from simple instrumentation, and stripped back to put Noé soft and dreamy vocal work on display.

Noé – Color (Official Video)

When speaking on the track, Noé shares. “In Color, I move away from the self-deprecating approach to lyrics. Like too many, I struggle with depression and anxiety. Here’s me getting real and calling out depression for the abusive relationship that it is, but also coming to terms with the fact that it’s a part of me and will never truly go away. Admitting that and not writing a delusional “I got rid of depression” victory song truly empowered me. And even today, when I hit the lows, listening to/performing “Color” empowers me. I just hope that when needed, it can help someone else feel a little empowered too.”

For her third release, Noé worked alongside music video director Juliette Labrousse and her team back home in France. The video takes the content and turns emotions into life, and as Noé elegantly shares, “I love how Juliette managed to portray different aspects of depression through multiple beautiful but intriguing visuals. Big fan of everything and anything out of the ordinary. And as for the storyline behind the wig character and main character, I’d rather leave it open to interpretation for now!”

Brilliantly transforming struggle into a tool for self-empowerment, “Color” is the third release off her debut EP ibynoé, coming out in Springtime.

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