WATCH: From war-torn Beirut to Global Basketball Star & International DJ – Rony Seikaly’s Story


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Thirty seasons ago, he was the Miami Heat’s first-ever NBA draft pick. Now, he’s an international house DJ, music producer, and real estate mogul. From war-torn Beirut to South Beach, Rony Seikaly shares his incredible story for the first time in CloseUp360’s 40-minute documentary. You’ll hear him open up about how he made it through the Lebanese Civil War (which started in the 1970s), how he signed at college basketball powerhouse Syracuse University as a complete unknown in the U.S., how he became the Heat’s first international star, and how he cemented his legacy within Miami’s nightlife scene as South Beach became one of the most popular destinations in the world.

NBA Star-Turned-House DJ, Music Producer & Mogul!! Inside The Crazy Life Of Rony Seikaly!

Over the course of his life, Rony has reinvented himself three times—through basketball, music and real estate—building a successful career in each one. Simply put, there is no more versatile or accomplished middle-aged man in the world than Rony Seikaly, who even his trainer says could still “give people a problem” in the NBA with how active and in shape he’s in at 54 years old.

During last year’s world-renowned Art Basel event in Miami Beach, CloseUp360 spent time with Rony capturing his intimate home life, passion for real estate, private music and club quarters on his own property, one-on-one workouts with trainer to the stars David Alexander, performance at one of the most popular venues in town, Wall Lounge, and much more. Combining all of those elements, CloseUp360’s documentary offers a rare and complete look into a private and humble family man, who is also one of the most eclectic and interesting people in the world.

“I look back to my whole life and I can honestly tell you, as I’ve told all my friends and people that I care about, I don’t know how I got to where I got,” Rony says. “All I know is looking back, it was just a series of situations that occurred that got me here, but there was no plan for it. I’ve worked my butt off, I have unwavering determination, and had plenty of blood, sweat and tears along the way. I’m very excited to share my full story and global journey for the first time.’

Derrick Coleman & Rony Seikaly – Syracuse

The documentary, also soundtracked by Rony, available HERE.

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