INTERVIEW: Lee-Ann Roberts, Women in Music Series (Secret Solstice 2019)


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Too Many Women in Music Are Still the Only Woman in the Room.

As part of our ‘Women in Music’ Series, we collaborated with our must-see acts at this year’s Secret Solstice Festival. On deck, we have triple-threat Lee-Ann Roberts. Hailing from South Africa, the USA/Mexico based radio host and former label manager of Uni.form Recordings has been successfully hosting her live radio show for 3 years running on MuthaFM. Not to mention, a short stint at Avalon Hollywood, and has previously released tracks “Sensational Lies” and “The Subliminal” via Beatport.

I caught up with the South African born DJ, producer, and radio host at Secret Solstice Festival to chat about her Midnight Sun experience.

Lee-Ann Roberts (Women in Music Series)

Is this your first time in Iceland?

Yes, this is my first time, wow what an experience. Daylight for 24 hours was mental but so cool and what a gorgeous country!

Did you get a chance to do some sightseeing?

To be honest I didn’t get to see much, unfortunately, spent a lot of time dealing with the airport and my lost luggage, gigs and just enjoying the festival and music but I will definitely be back. I’m dying to go to the blue lagoon and to see the glaciers. However, I did get to walk the city a bit, which was lovely. And to top it off I found the best Thai food I have ever had in my life and if you know me you know I have the biggest
weakness for Thai food.

Secret Solstice Festival highlight?

Had such a great group of people dancing, the highlight was it was my debut festival set, the weather was amazing and seeing people support was beautiful. I then received DMS from people saying my set was one of their favorites at the festival so that for me felt so good. Really makes me so happy to hear that.

Favorite festival performance?

I enjoyed so much, but if I had to choose I would have to go with Morcheeba and James Zabiela.

Did Secret Solstice meet your expectations?

Yes , what a wonderful festival with great people and energy. The crew were amazing, everything was on point. Had a lot of fun and got to meet some lovely people along the way.

Overall, how was your Midnight Sun experience?

Wow! Insane, I couldn’t stop taking pics to send to my friends, unbelievable. Definitely, super interesting and cool. Luckily, I had blackout curtains otherwise it can get confusing.

This summer will see Lee-Ann take on venues in Lisbon, Ibiza, Turkey, and Barcelona. Before returning to South Africa her place of birth. The radio host, producer, and DJ will also be at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event, then she’s off to Brazil until January 2020.

Lee-Ann Roberts Tour Dates:

07/18/19 – Cape Town – South Africa
07/19/19 – Cape Town – South Africa
07/20/19 – Reset – South Africa
07/27/19 – Origin – South Africa
10/16/19 – 10/20/19 – ADE
12/01/19 – 03/01/20 – Brazil

Lee-Ann Roberts: Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook