[Watch] Keys N Krates – “U Already Know” Official Music Video

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Views: 1980

Going against the norm of club-based videos that dance music tracks with this much energy typically opt for – Keys N Krates
have created an interesting narrative for the video that follows a
group of fresh faced believers as they embark on a spiritual journey
towards finding an unearthly higher power.

Gathered around a huge crystal, the tension builds as the group ready
themselves with war paint and herbal potions for an as yet unknown
event. All the while remaining beautifully shot, the video follows the
group outside where torches are lit and the ceremony begins.

There is an element of ‘tongue in cheek’ mystery present throughout the
video, which becomes even more palpable at the video’s climax, when the
police signal their arrival by lighting the night up with a huge fog
light – timed perfectly to the track’s biggest drop – initially fooling
the group into thinking this is the actually arrival of something
altogether more supernatural.

Although somewhat abstract – the video’s off the wall narrative fits the
track perfectly with beautifully interwoven shots laid over the
record’s more intense drum loops and big, bass heavy drops synched with
dance sequences and a chase scene that leads the video to close with the
central character, and pursuing policeman, entering an unknown light as
the beat fades out.

Keys N Krates available for download, HERE.






Keys N Krates “Watch U Already Know,” below:

Production Credits: Cherie Sinclair, Mollie Rolfe + Travis Richel

Directoral Credits: Adam Beck + Paul Johnston