[Out Now] Bassjackers & Joe Ghost Ft. MOTi – On The Floor Like via Spinnin’ Records

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of friends Bassjackers, Joe Ghost and MOTi team up on their new track, ‘On The Floor Like.’  The
idea for ‘On The Floor Like’ came to existence more than a year ago by
Joe Ghost.

According to the best friends, Joe Ghost came up with the idea to do the track more than a year ago. They worked on the track and made several versions but was dissatisfied until they were sure that they created a big room monster. The
group of friends wanted to push themselves to make something that sounded fresh
while maintaining the energy they love to have in their tracks. Each of
them have injected their personal styles into the song. ‘It’s been in
our sets for over a year now and in the mean time we made about 33
versions before we got it right!’,
explains Bassjackers. ‘It has been fun working
on a project with three of my best friends in the industry, Marlon,
Ralph & Timo’. MOTi agrees on that, saying: ‘It’s great to have a
track with friends. I’ve known Bassjackers since we both started making
music and it’s fun to finally have a track together.

Bassjackers & Joe Ghost Ft. MOTi

“On The Floor Like” is exclusively available via Beatport.

Bassjackers & Joe Ghost Ft. MOTi

“On The Floor Like”