VIDEO: Quality Control, 24Heavy – “Longtime” ft. Young Thug


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Quality Control Music releases the 24Heavy “Longtime (featuring Young Thug )” video. The record will be included on Quality Control: Control The Streets Volume 2 out August 16.

Quality Control, 24Heavy – “Longtime” ft. Young Thug (Official Video)

Watch it HERE

24Heavy is a new signing to Quality Control Music. From the streets of Atlanta’s west side, he began by freestyling but got real serious about rapping after being locked up in Federal Prison. With four of those years spent in solitary confinement, 24Heavy read all he could to find his inner self and enrich his vocabulary (a favorite being The Prince by Machiavelli).

“Coach K and Pee are not your standard record industry players, but more akin to No Limit’s Master P and Cash Money’s Baby and Slim: savvy businessmen who shaped their labels with grass-roots hustling — updated for the internet age,”
 – The New York Times
“Straight from the home of the trap, Quality
Control Music family has the game in Checkmate. As a relatively new entertainment dynasty, QC and their management arm, Solid Foundation, may arguably be the most powerful squad in modern day
Hip-Hop.”- Source Power 30 cover feature

“Quality Control scored huge in 2017, bridging the gap between trap ideology and traditional business mechanics, hood recruiting and economics, and viral marketing. Control the Streets, Vol. 1 takes stock of the Quality Control empire, particularly the Migos explosion, recapping the year that was and looking to establish future stars.”
– Pitchfork
“Born in the streets of Atlanta, Quality Control has become a premier label with a proven record of building superstars and crafting hits. More family than business, this home grown operation has overcome their challenges, remained true to self, and redefined popular culture. Now they have their eyes set on World Domination.”
– Complex cover feature