The Blaze @ Nuits de Fourvière – ARTE Concert


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French duo The Blaze and ARTE CONCERT released the video for their incredible performance at the Nuits de Fourvière. Check it out!

The Blaze (Full Show HiRes) @ Nuits de Fourvière – ARTE Concert

In recent months, everything has been smiling at The Blaze. Acclaimed by everyone, programmed everywhere, the duo seems to rally the whole of France to its music. A conquest that has only just begun: the Alric cousins are now attacking Europe! In the middle of a festival tour, The Blaze goes through the Nuits de Fourvière box. Of course, we are here to make you benefit from it.

Profiled in the NY Times, Sunday Arts & Leisure section (click HERE to read), The Blaze has delivered incredible live performances at Coachella 2018, and most recently this past Spring at BLACK by MATTE at Avant Gardner, Brooklyn in support of their debut album DANCEHALL.

ARTE Concert offers you the best of the European scene:

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