THEMED THURSDAY: Music Video by Raja Kumari “MUTE” [#004]


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Themed Thursday is all about a new music video by Raja Kumari “MUTE

Raja Kumari’s Mute, starts out by showing her wearing an American flag like a dupatta (an Indian head wrap) and on rooftops all over Los Angeles. Then she vividly raps her way through her life growing up as an American born Indian in Southern California. Amazingly, Raja does all of this while remaining true to her native roots. 

Quite a performer, Raja Kumari mixes her classical Indian training while rapping and wearing custom jewelry. Mute features smooth timely vocals from Elvis Brown. Recently featured in Paper Magazine; this is a production by Danish producer Jules Wolfson. This video is apart of her new album, The Come Up. You can hear the EP here. Throughout the playlist you’ll hear contemporary R&B, vocals, pop, rap, all blended together with trap and tabla. Raja will have your head nodding as you sing “I had to put ’em on Mute.” See the video Mute below.


About the artist:

Raja Kumari (‘The daughter of the king’ in Tamil), is an Indian American songwriter, rapper and recording artist. Raja Kumari is best known for her collaboration with notable artists including Gwen Stefani, Iggy Azalea, , Knife Party, and Fall Out Boy. She is also notable for receiving as a songwriter, the BMI Pop Awards in 2016, being nominated to a Grammy award in February 2015.