Desert Hearts Spring 2017 – 72 Hours of Non-Stop House, Techno, and Love


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LDesert Hearts Spring Festival 2017 Returns March 31 to April 3 at Los Coyotes Indian Reservation

Lineup Includes Justin Martin, Dave Seaman, Doc Martin, Edu Imbernon, Detlef, Max Chapman, Marques Wyatt, Jozif, Atish, DJ Garth, Sacha Robotti, Ardalan, Oona Dahl, KMLN (live), Monolink (live), TACHES, m.O.N.R.O.E., The Glitz, Christian Martin and many more…


Over the last 4 years, Desert Hearts has evolved from a wonky micro-party in the Mojave to a devout community of dancefloor freaks around the globe. At the center of this international movement remains the festival that started it all, a 72-hour hedonistic soireé contained by only one stage featuring the future sounds of House, Techno, & everything in between. As a continuation of Desert Hearts’ mission to offer world-class bookings set within the distinctly boutique environment of the love swept Los Coyotes Reservation they have today announced their finest musical assemblage yet for the March 31 – April 3 festival.

Global icons like Justin Martin, Dave Seaman, Doc Martin, Edu Imbernon, Marques Wyatt, jozif, DJ Garth, Sacha Robotti, David Scuba, and Christian Martin join young legends Atish, Ardalan, Oona Dahl, Max Chapman, Deep Jesus, and Detlef, Desert Hearts Records flag-bearers TACHES, M.O.N.R.O.E.,The Glitz, Rybo, Fritz Carlton, Kevin Anderson, and DINK, live spectacles from KMLN and Monolink, plus of course Your Desert Hearts Crew Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Marbs and Porkchop.

Desert Hearts Festival is a journey best experienced through the open-minded and love-enhanced state of mind in which it was conceived. Defined by an unadulterated sense of being and a focus on authentic connection, this much talked about festival has stepped onto the world’s stage with a new generation in tow. The new paradigm they preach has earned them the praise of media outlets like the LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, VICE and much more.


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Since their last triumph at Los Coyotes, Desert Hearts have taken their roaming City Hearts party far and wide with jam-packed appearances in Playa Del Carmen, Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico City, New York, Miami, Austin, San Francisco, Portland, and much more. These dates have been soundtracked by the labels own standout records from core crew Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds,  Marbs, RYBO, Kevin Anderson and Fritz Carlton plus producers-in-arms Latmun, Jozif, Michael Rosa, Treavor Moontribe, and Eyes Everywhere.

Desert Hearts will break no vows in its promise to deliver 72 hours of non-stop House, Techno, and Love to its wide-reaching community of party professionals this Spring. Come with an open heart and an unhinged appetite to celebrate a new age of love-swept reality. We Are All Desert Hearts.

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