Flash Factory To Open In New  York City January 23rd with The Martinez Brothers

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this January in Chelsea, Flash Factory is a 10,000 square foot, techno,
live indie music, and nightlife venue. It is poised to deliver what
Manhattan has been missing for decades- a serious space for music that
stepped down a rabbit hole. The venue is unlike any other, steeped in
the NYC tradition of CBGBs and the Fillmore.

with the architectural remains of congregational spaces, salvaged from
New York City, Flash Factory took three years to find and another three
to build. Standing in stark contrast to the electronic functionality of
modern day joints, Flash Factory is an homage to an era of vaudevillian
eccentricity and Victorian decadence.

venue deliberately avoids LED panels and screens, instead opting for
organic architectural elements. A wall of 19th century doors, reclaimed
from a convent, sit opposite a writhing tree sculpture that winds its
way through a big top. Stained glass windows flank a bar adorned with
religious artifacts sourced from a church in the Bronx. The main theater
is crowned with custom-made arches, while seats in the lounge area are
restored temple pews.

techno, live experimental electronic music, and indie rock, Flash
Factory is an authentic, warm, and all-encompassing musical space.
Embracing the richness of Manhattan’s storied nightlife history, while
channeling the communal spirit of its architectural bones, Flash Factory
is a singular venue, which simply no longer exists in the city.  It is a
festival experience on a nightly basis.

you love punk, techno, or rock, Flash Factory provides a proper venue
for fans to connect with artists and their music, creating a communal
experience and a sanctuary for those lost in rhythm.

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