IBIZA: Paradise Opening Fiesta—our take on Jamie Jones’ 2019 kickoff


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With a flight descending into the sunset on the White Isle, we had Jamie Jones’ ‘Paradise‘ Summer Wednesday Series opener at DC-10 in our sights. Ominous rain clouds in the fore of an orange streak splitting the mountains from the sky blew away to make for an epic evening hopping between the Terrace and Main Room. Here’s how it all went down.

The venue – DC-10 Ibiza

If you’ve never been to DC-10, add it to your bucket list: standing below planes as they zip by overhead is an experience in and of itself… and it just so happens to be a club filled with state of the art lighting and a sound system that delivers the goods. The open-air garden lets groups gear up or wind down in between the two rooms, with staff ensuring service is swift. Plenty of security roaming all areas frequently but not intrusively, clearly placing safety as paramount without impeding the vibe. The terrace’s stage hosted platinum, dystopian dancer whose magnetic presence commanded attention, shape-shifting and guiding the crowd. Meanwhile, the main room’s centered DJ booth was continuously packed with an excited entourage of mates getting a bird’s eye view of the hoards bouncing below, encouraging energy to keep building.

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Pro tip: Pack earplugs. Rookie mistake not to, we had to retreat from certain angles where the bass blared into our rib cages!

The acts – Paradise Opening Party

We arrived in time to catch the tail end of Ilario Alicante but opted for the brighter vibe of the ever-playful Detlef B2B Latmun. What started as a coincidental booking at BPM 2017 is becoming a dream team, bringing a joyful exuberance to back-to-back, which with other acts can feel like an otherwise overly serious undertaking. The duo was hitting their stride mixing a colourful collection of grooves in between tech house drops, clearly having the time of their lives doing so.

And then came Andrea Oliva. No words, but if we must attempt, here goes. The man is a must-see Ibiza mainstay. Not overthinking it but certainly bringing his professionalism and technical finesse, he confidently weaved a variety of Latin-infused beats into darker grooves, constantly reading the room to keep people moving. An absolute tour de force.

Admittedly, we took what felt like a mandatory detour into the terrace for the event’s main man. Jamie Jones, with the always elated Martinez Brothers, were playing to a packed Terrace, perhaps partly why we weren’t as keen on sticking around for what seemed like fairly slow builds and transitions to overly similar grooves compared to Olivia’s thumping tracks next door. Like moths to a flame, we retreated back into the main room and relished in the lasers cutting across the crowd for a touch the sky moment, clearly necessary for our Instagram game.

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Paradise Found

Regrettably, we didn’t have it in us to remain for Adam Beyer but left on a euphoric note. Always an advocate to finish strong instead of staying too long, we’ve plenty of highlights to reflect on, especially how well organized the entry and exit were to make for a hassle-free night with flights soaring above a festival-clad crowd from around the world. Find your Paradise every Wednesday at DC-10; I’ve heard some fly into Ibiza with just a passport in tow and it’s practically inside the airport.

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