Eddie Thoneick & Abel Ramos feat. James Walsh “Love Will Never Let You Down (Michael Brun Remix)”

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A critically-acclaimed single from Size Records, last year’s
release of Eddie Thoneick & Abel Ramos’  "Love Will Never Let You
Down" featuring James Walsh receives a brilliant reimagining from Michael Brun.

Shaped by the foundation Thoneick and Ramos formed, Brun’s take on “Love
Will Never Let You Down” is a restructuring of the original’s core
elements. Electrifying from the start, Brun’s remix is a flawless
juxtaposition between jolting synths and beautifully subtle guitar
lines. Mixed with heart-pound bass and singer James Walsh’s melodic
vocals, Brun creates a striking balance and an exquisite sound.

With musical knowledge instilled through his family at a young age,
Port-au-Prince-born Michael Brun has quickly risen through the musical
ranks. Brun’s signature sound is a mixture of modern and hereditary,
often blending dance music with native Haitian genres such as kompa and
rara. The founder of his own label Kid Coconut in 2014, Brun looks to
provide a platform to other emerging Haitian artists, who may not
receive exposure otherwise.

Out Now via SIZE

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