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Brothers Oscar and Miles dish about growing up in Australia, making their mark in today’s indie-electronic landscape, being featured on BBC Radio 1, Pink Floyd and touring the globe.

Tell us a little about each other and what inspired you to pursue a music career.

We both have been producing since a young age, but nothing like we are producing now. Our background is Jazz (Oscar) and Blues and rock guitar (Myles). When we were in high school, we were given a version of Logic Pro from a music teacher friend of ours.  We started writing music on Logic for a few years then made the shift to Ableton.  With Ableton, we felt like we were able to collaborate better, work quicker and more efficiently.  We started writing some music when we were in Europe and put our first song on SoundCloud about 3 years ago after our return to Australia. I think Europe might have inspired some of our first productions such as ‘Fire and Shotgun’.

Your relationship to each other growing up.

We have always got along pretty well, we never really fought (physically) or anything like that. We both had similar interests and similar friendship groups, so it kind of worked out pretty well.

What does each of you bring to the table and how do you compliment each other?

Oscar brings a lot of the musicality from his experience with Jazz, whereas Myles brings the production and a bit more experimental side of things. It’s a combo we think that works really well, and we respect each other’s parts in the creating process so there isn’t much clashing for ideas.

Holding On To You” was a massive success. How did it feel being featured on BBC Radio 1?

It was amazing. ‘Holding On To You’ was our first real release in a sense that previously to this we just put our music on SoundCloud and hoped it got picked up by certain people. Getting played on BBC Radio 1 was an all time dream of ours as we used to listen to Pete Tong’s show growing up being inspired by his music selections and discovering music like that. It’s crazy to think that in a few years of hard work, things like this can come about.

Your favorite hangout in Melbourne.

We both love this place called Chapel Street.  It’s about a 2km straight strip of shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs and everything in-between.  It’s got some exceptional food, and the vibe of the street is always energetic.  We used to live just off Chapel Street so naturally, we spent most of our time here, finding new places to go and bring our friends.  If anyone is ever in Melbourne, do get some coffee on Chapel Street, you will not be disappointed!

First concert?

Our first concert we went to together was Pink Floyd! Our dad is an old groover and bought us tickets to see them when we were probably 12 or 13. We didn’t know much about them but now I think back on it, what a truly incredible gesture! I wish we could go now knowing more about them!

Speaking of concerts, you’re going on the road soon. What can you reveal about your upcoming tour?

Indeed we are! We are doing some Australian shows playing in most major cities. Our agent at Circle Talent Agency is also in the process of getting our US visa’s organized, so later this year we hope to have some touring over in the US! That’s about as much as we can reveal but other territories are definitely on the cards as well.

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