Meet The 8 2016 U.S. Participants: Idgy Dean, Kamron, Parrot Jungle 95, Saniee, Suicideyear, SWISHA, Tide Jewel, Your Friend & Taskforce


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Attention International Music Makers! Don’t miss the RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY MONTREAL 2016
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– Applications received from 3500 musicians in 102 countries

– 70 up-and-coming musicians & producers from 38 countries selected to take part

Red Bull Music Academy Montreal takes place at Phi Centre from Sep 24 – Oct 28

Throughout this week, Red Bull Music Academy has been announcing the participants selected to attend its 18th edition in Montreal via and @RBMA. The world-traveling series of workshops and events will take place from September 24 to October 28, 2016. The jury listened through 3500 application CDs from singers, musicians, producers and DJs in 102 countries. Of those, 70 emerging music makers from 38 countries were selected, making this the widest array of nationalities so far to attend a single edition of the Academy.

Since the 2015 Red Bull Music Academy in Paris was cut short due to the devastating events that took place in the city on November 13, the 30 participants slated to attend the second term in Paris will join 40 newly selected participants in Montreal, bringing the total number of participants to 70 instead of the usual 60. See the list of the eight U.S. 2016 participants below.

Over five weeks from late September to late October, these artists will come together in custom-designed spaces at Phi Centre, an acclaimed contemporary art gallery and cultural center in Old Montreal. They will attend lectures by musical luminaries and exchange personal perspectives and free-ranging ideas on every facet of music making. At the same time, Red Bull Music Academy will present a five-week festival of concerts, club nights and public talks at the city’s most stunning music and cultural venues. Phi Centre is an institution and performance space at the heart of Montreal’s creative community, with an ethos of exchange and discovery that matches the Academy’s long-term commitment to exploring all aspects of creative culture – and to providing a space for music lovers to immerse themselves.


– Kamron Saniee

NYC-based classically trained violinist turned electronic producer who specializes in what he describes as “abstract expressionist techno.”


Part of the Juke Bounce Werk crew, bringing Chicago footwork to his home of Los Angeles.

– Idgy Dean

Brooklyn-based feminist loop artist, mystic and yogini infusing her one-woman psychedelic rock with a calming Zen presence that belies the emotional intensity of her DIY beats.

– Your Friend

Domino-signed Kansas native and multi-instrumentalist making soaring ambient pop with hints of country and electronic blues, wrapped up in delicate vocal harmonies.

– Tide Jewel

Producer, self-taught pianist and visual arts teacher who folds diverse influences into his radical noise soundscapes, and pulls human voices through machines with emotion.

– Suicideyear

Louisiana producer who sits on the fringes of southern US rap. His Remembrance EP is out on Daniel Lopatin’s Software label, and strikes a balance between ethereal expanse and thump in the trunk.

– Taskforce

His sound is “Timbaland on 1200mg of DXM making techno,” he’s produced beats for Le1f, Nguzunguzu have remixed him and he signed to Boysnoize Records for his Liquid Cooled EP.

– Nicholas G. Padilla

Miami producer and DJ as elusive as he is mischievous, with his avant-garde grime and techno tracks mostly unreleased.