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Francis Harris new album ‘Trivial Occupations’ has been one of last year’s highlights in electronic music

Francis Harris new album ‘Trivial Occupations’ has been one of last year’s highlights in electronic music in the widest sense.

Now the album tracks ‘Minor Forms’ and ‘St. Catherine and the Calm’ undergo very special and extended rework treatments by two very special artists.

Francis Harris – Trivial Occupations Remixes

On the A-side New York based DJ and producer legend Joaquin Joe Claussell, label-owner of both Spiritual Life Music and Sacred Rhythms Music, went into his lab and turned ‘Minor Forms’ into his ‘Cosmic Arts Version’. Famous for his percussion-driven Afro-House tracks which are influenced by his Puerto Rican background, he also has a deep connection into New York’s local Jazz Scene. And so he won Jazz-pianist Bennett Paster for some skillful and jazz infused piano lines, complementing the effervescent mix of electronic soundscapes and live instruments in the track. As the bass played live by Claussell hits in, the whole track turns into a fusion of furious synth and piano melodies underlined by eccentric drum rolls.

On the B-side we’ll find Laura Sparrow aka LNS with her interpretation of ‘St. Catherine and the Calm’. Her approach was to “use Francis’ organic sounds and approach it both via electronic hardware and real instruments”, she explains. In addition her sister, flutist Nadia Sparrow, played over the track and created a harmonic tension that causes goosebumps. With its dissolving tape-delays, short edged electro and left-field electronica Laura’s version provides a breathtaking adventure in sound. Growing up in Canada, she kept the spirit of Vancouver’s underground scene alive. Lately she moved to Berlin where she shows her love for Detroit and UK-Techno during her DJ sets. She recently stirred a buzz with a release on DJ Sotofett’s Label Wania and her self-released Recons One EP.

A1. Minor Forms
(Joaquin Joe Claussell’s Cosmic Arts Version)
B1. St. Catherine And The Calm
(LNS Remix feat. Nadia Sparrow)

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